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A Night Out

Posted on Friday November 3rd, 2017 @ 8:48pm by Corporal Richard Keyes

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower - Aftermath

Cpl. Richard Keyes
Medical Specialist

Richard watched a van approach just as he heard a voice. He’d received a notification they were receiving a couple new team members, this must be one of them. He pegged the Canadian accent and figured it must be the new Engineering Specialist.

Richard nodded towards the woman as she approached. “Richard Keyes, Medical Specialist” he said extending a hand. “That’s Brett Tanner, Vehicles, Margo Vincent, team XO and Intelligence.” He said point out the other two with them. “Welcome to the team.” The driver impatiently cleared his throat at them. Brett rolled his eyes, “Guess we better be off.” He said holding the door open for the ladies.

The drive to the club was short, and soon they were at the door. “I got this.” He said opening his wallet and pulling out cash for the cover charge. Within moments they were through the door and in the entry to the club. The night was still early but it was already getting crowded. It was bigger than he’d expected. The dance floor had LEDs under it and pulsed with the music which was louder than it probably should be. Around him he saw mostly young civilians, likely college students.

Richard gave up without trying to speak, and instead resorted to another form of conversation they’d all learned… hand signals. He walked up to the bar and handed them a high limit card. He didn’t come from money, but since he started here, he’d been making a fair amount, and didn’t spend much of it. It was his idea to go out on the town, and he wanted to ensure they had a good time. Plus he’d always found he enjoyed spending money on other people. He handed the card to the Bar Tender, “Ensure my friends here have anything they want.” He said over the pulse of the music.

The Bar Tender looked at the card and could recognize a high limit card when he saw one. He would have guessed a grunt when he first saw the guy, but a platinum card was a platinum card. He waved someone over, and a young lady in fashionable clothing approached, he whispered something to her and she nodded, then motioned for them to follow her.

She took them upstairs to a booth marked reserved, and motioned for them to take a seat, “What can I get for you?” she asked looked at the group.




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