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Evening Plans

Posted on Friday September 15th, 2017 @ 3:42pm by Colonel Margo Vincent

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower - Aftermath
Location: SDS Barracks

Margo Vincent


Margo drummed her restless fingers on the table, ear buds in her ears as she listened in on intercepted communications traffic she'd acquired from a source over in the Middle East. She'd showered and changed right after they'd arrived back to Lubbock, and with nothing else to do, and the guarantee of a paycheck, she'd splurged and gotten into contact with some of her old sources to acquire a few things to keep her occupied. While so far the communication hadn't revealed much of anything important, she was promised there was some potential benefit for her if she could weed out the immaterial stuff.

The vibration of her SDS issued tablet alerted her to the incoming message. Quirking an eyebrow at the unexpected alert, she picked up the tablet and logged in, a wry smile appearing on her face as she read the message. Sighing slightly, she looked around the room, weighing her options. She could sit in here, holed up in her room, digesting intel on black market arms trades, which wasn't a horrible way to spend her down time, and possibly might even be productive.

But this team was new. While they'd worked well together on that last mission, they would have more to come. Being anti-social wasn't the best way to get to know these people, find out what made them tick. How they operated. What motivated them. Being around them did that.

Hesitating for a moment as her fingers hovered over the tablet, she muttered to herself as she typed a reply message. "Oh, what the hell....why not."

-I'm up for a night out. Meet downstairs in the lobby?

With her reply sent, she saved and paused her previous activity, before locking down her laptop securely and stowing it in a hidden place in her room. Once she felt everything was secure, she styled her hair briefly after a quick change into clothes better fitted for going out instead of staying in, and slipped on a pair of heels. One last check of her make up and hair confirmed she was good to go, and she grabbed her things as she made her way out of her room and down to the lobby.


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