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A Night Out

Posted on Friday September 15th, 2017 @ 6:49am by Corporal Richard Keyes

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower - Aftermath

Cpl. Richard Keyes
Medical Specialist

Richard cleaned and stowed his gear after ensuring the Medics were aware of everything they needed to be on the girl. Physically she was more or less fine. It was the mental aspect that was the problem. That was far outside his area of expertise though. He headed back to his room to grab a shower and change into a fresh uniform. They’d been given the night off. Part of him wanted to just crash, get some sleep. Relax after a hard mission. But another part of his mind knew he needed to winde down. He grabbed the phone by his bed and called up the car service for the base, and asked them to send a car. He grabbed his tablet and searched for clubs in the area. He found one then switched to the message system on the tablet and selected the channel for the team,

“Taking a ride into town to check out the nightlife, a club called OHM. Anyone want to join me?”

He sent the message and decided he better change again. He put on some cloths more appropriate for going for a night on the town, and headed down to the entrance to await the car, and any other of the team members who wanted to join him.




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