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Home Sweet Home

Posted on Sunday August 13th, 2017 @ 8:44pm by Field Commander Garrett Alder

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower

Col. Garrett Alder
Team Leader / Sniper

The Blackhawk touched down in the LZ Alder continued watching the perimeter while his team loaded up. “6, load up!” he ordered Huber, then whistled towards Shadow, whom looked at him, took a final look around then ran and jumped into the Blackhawk. As soon as everyone was on he turned and jumped on board. He leaned forward and patted the pilot on the shoulder “Let’s go!” he yelled before moving to a seat in the back and plugging into Blackhawks Communication system. He checked the channel on the radio then clicked the comm. “Starbase, Wraith 1 actual, package is secure, we are RTB at this time.” He stopped transmitting and looked around as the response came in. “Roger Wraith 1, Specter 1 says first round is on him.” Alder smiled and wondered how many of the team heard that part, “Roger that Starbase. Wraith 1, out.”

The rest of the flight was uneventful. As they neared HQ he could see the other Blackhawk already on the ground and getting checked over by the ground crew, they turned and watched as his bird gently sat down. A Lieutenant ran out to greet them as the blades slowed down. “The girl?” Garrett asked as the LT neared, “She’s fine, they took her to the hospital wing and her parents are being brought in now.” He said as they started walking. The Intel team was already waiting by the door to gather what had been collected and set to work. “Major” he called towards Margo, “Have the team gear down, and inform them we’ll debrief in the morning.” He said nodding towards the door, “I’ve got to go see Brass.” He said and handed off his weapons to a Corporal standing by.

His vest and belt sat on the floor by his desk while he sipped at the whiskey he’d stashed in his desk. All in all, things had gone well. Brass was pleased, and apparently, they’d had a solid payday. Though that wasn’t why he’d done it. To save a little girl, he’d have gone in for free, the money was just a sweetener for him. He pulled up the messenger for his team and typed up a quick message for them.

“Good job everyone, tonight you’re off the clock, enjoy yourselves.”



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