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Posted on Thursday August 10th, 2017 @ 5:24am by Lieutenant Sarah Barrett

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower

Lt. Sarah Barrett

Sarah took a deep breath as they continued towards HQ. The adrenaline from the mission was wearing off and she was starting to feel the exhaustion that always followed the prolonged periods of action. She opened her eyes and looked over at the girl. She seemed to be ok physically… at least to her eyes. Some minor abrasions from bindings, and she looked like she may have been struck once or twice, but more or less fine. Mentally she still looked overwhelmed, which was understandable, it’d probably take years for her to recover from this fully if she did at all. Sure that they were outside the range of the compound, Sarah decided it was high time she relaxed a bit she leaned her head against the bulkhead and closed her eyes.



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