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Hold the Line

Posted on Wednesday July 12th, 2017 @ 12:03am by Corporal Franz Huber

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower

Cpl Franz Huber
Communications Specialist

Huber received the word from Wraith 1 that the tangos were eliminated, and right around the same time, Wraith 4 indicated with signals that the LZ was secure on his end. He took up position on the opposite side from Tanner, giving a loose perimeter for the Blackhawk to land in. As the helo touched down, Franz caught out of the corner of his eye the team come out with the girl. He smiled slightly, seeing that she appeared unharmed physically, yet he knew emotionally it would take years for her to recover even a small amount.

As they made their way out, Franz kept an eye opposite of the building. Without warning, he heard the crack of shots fired, and he quickly spun around toward the sound, which was still easy to hear over the roar of the helicopters' rotor. He saw a tango come out the door, and Adler quickly take him down. Franz turned back to his station, keeping an eye out. Once the Blackhawk left the landing area with the girl and part of their team, Franz heard the radio with their next set of orders. Getting the secondary objectives should not take too much time for experts such as Tanner and Vincent. Adler and himself just needed to keep the LZ clear for the next bird to land. Franz looked to Adler and gave a head nod, indicating he heard and understood.

Eyes open, he thought to himself, the silence almost deafening now that the Blackhawk was gone, and there was no gun fire..for now.



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