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Primary Objective Complete

Posted on Tuesday July 11th, 2017 @ 11:48pm by Lieutenant Sarah Barrett

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower

Lt. Sarah Barrett

Sarah gave Vincent a nod, and took point, she checked the hallway they headed through the door. She cleared the way as she went, as she reached the bottom of the stairs a burst fired narrowly missing her, she dropped to a knee and returned fire. Her rounds tore through the sheetrock and hit the shooter dropping him. Two more entered through the rear of the building, with a third she could see running towards them from a distance. He didn’t make it, someone outside had seen him and finished him, “MOVE!” she yelled to Margo and Keyes, and started providing covering fire. She got one in the leg, but the other was stubbornly hiding behind cover, still it accomplished the goal of keeping him from firing.

The team moved past her and she exited behind them still firing. They’d have to tend to those two soon enough, but primary objective was to get the package to safety. The team moved to the Blackhawk that had just settled into the LZ. Alder was already there covering them, his weapon sweeping from their direction, to the side of the house.

They reached the Blackhawk just as Alder opened fire on something, he moved past her and covered her while her and Keyes helped the girl into the bird. “WE’RE ON!” she shouted towards the pilot, giving him the signal to take off.



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