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Almost Done

Posted on Tuesday July 11th, 2017 @ 10:50pm by Private Brett Tanner

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower

Pvt. Brett Tanner
Vehicle Specialist

Brett moved in the opposite direction, making a sweep of the LZ. There were a few targets, but nothing he couldn’t handle. He was pretty sure they’d broken the back of the crew that was working here. At this point, it was either a mad attack that was almost certain failure, retreat, or hiding and hoping to stay clear long enough to survive.

He heard the ATV engine rev up as it took off, apparently exercising the better part of valor… cowards. He was reaching for his radio to call it in when Huber’s voice beat him to it. He saw movement in a bush, and the glint of a scope or some kind of aiming device, he fired a short burst into the bush, dropping another enemy. He made another visual sweep before signaling to Huber that it was clear, he found some cover and kept watching the surrounding terrain.



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