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Taking the Shot

Posted on Thursday June 15th, 2017 @ 1:29am by Field Commander Garrett Alder

Mission: Mission 1: Tallest Tower

Col. Garrett Alder
Team Leader / Sniper

Things had gotten a little crazier since the breach. Tangos were running in every which direction, most still trying to figure out what was going on. His team was doing a superb job of keeping them from doing that. He’d taken down only a few targets of opportunity, but that also was doing its part of keeping things in chaos. “RPG!” shouted the pilot as the craft banked. Garrett spotted the offending tango and sighted down, the helicopter taking evasive action made the shot difficult… he squeezed and his round found the Grenade that was about to be launched, He must have hit the explosive cause the grenade detonated taking a good chunk of the would be shoot down with it.

This maneuver and new orbit gave him a new vantage point into the house his team was clearing. He sighted through his scope and was able to see 2 men armed with AKs waiting for the door to open. He could see the feet of someone tied to a chair and put two and two together. This was the package, and his team was about to breach. If they would probably avoid flash bangs to keep from harming the package, and hopefully wouldn’t be in the door when it opened making themselves targets. All this processed in a split second as he adjusted his aim for the glass, centered the crosshairs on the chest of the first target, which if he’d lined this up right should continue through and hit the second target in the thigh. Time seemed to slow for him, breath in… one heartbeat, breath out… repeat… breath in, one heartbeat, breath out, his finger rode the trigger keeping it just on the edge of dropping the hammer… breath in… heartbeat, breath out. His finger moved ever so slightly, the hammer dropped.

The 175gr bullet was quickly accelerated by the burning powder to 2570 fps as it exited the barrel, a hole almost the exact size of the projectile seemed to appear in the glass, the first targets chest, and the 2nd targets leg almost simultaneously. Time seemed to return to normal, the rest was in the hands of his team.



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