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Time is Running Out

Posted on Monday January 20th, 2020 @ 10:07pm by Field Commander Garrett Alder

Mission: Mission 01: Empty Quiver

Field Commander Garrett Alder
Commanding Officer | Graveyard 1

Garrett had spent months studying the specs, he knew the floor plans from memory, every nook and cranny. But now that he was here, he had to admit the ship was very impressive. He’d spent some time on Navy ships while he was in the Corps. This was something else entirely. It was a joint venture between DOD and SDS but running the cover of a billionaire’s yacht meant it had luxury unlike any military ship in the world. His quarters were nicer than any house he’d ever lived in. From what he’d been told the only nicer ones on the ship were for the bosses Daughter, Samantha Johnson aka Specter 2. The cover after all was that we were private security for her world travels. However, he’d been left in charge of the ship, and most of the actual mission planning. There was a Navy Commander on board as well, his XO and also to ensure there were no issues with the Navy personnel handling most of the day to day of the ship operations. However, he’d had no trouble with them as he moved through the ship, most of them stepped to the side and gave him a respectful nod as he passed. He didn’t have a lot of time before the mission briefing, but he wanted a few minutes to explore. Specs never prepared you for the real thing.

He entered one of the quarters that was similar to what his former team would be staying in. They weren’t nearly as big as his but were still nice. Well furnished, kitchenette, private head with shower, separate bedroom. Computer with network access, tvs with satellite, he was pretty sure they’d be comfortable between missions.

He headed back to the elevator and took it down into the bowls of the ship to the CIC. “Report.” He said as they entered. “Unchanged, still no contact. If our intel is right though, we’re running out of time.” Garrett studied the satellite feed for a few more moments, he believed the intel they received was accurate, which also meant their time was getting shot. “Lieutenant, have the transports on stand by, we’ll be sending out a team in about 90 minutes.”

“Aye aye.”

Garret sent a message out to the team as he headed to the situation room. “Wraith Team, report to briefing room ASAP.” He pocketed his tablet and stepped off the elevator headed over to the display table and pulled up the satellite feed of their target area.



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