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Settling In

Posted on Friday October 18th, 2019 @ 9:47am by Colonel Margo Vincent

Mission: A Fresh Start

Margo Vincent

Margo had been quiet during the flight over, only speaking a couple of times to those around her. Instead, her nose had been buried in her iPad, soaking in all the relevant information about their new home away from home. When they touched down on the helipad, her eyes widened slightly. While she thought she had fully understood and appreciated the ship, she saw words just could not accurately prepare her for the sheer impressiveness of the ship.

Grabbing the two bags she'd brought with her from the facility, she made her way down to her assigned quarters. The room was a decent size for a ship. The bedding was luxurious, the amenities had been well thought out. She was very impressed with the effort that had gone into making the room and the ship comfortable.

Dropping her bags on the bed, she took her time unpacking and changing into the uniform of the day. She knew she had a briefing in an hour, but she was in no rush. It wasn't like she had much to bring with her in the first place and unpack.

Getting her items squared away, she looked around the room for a good place to secure her laptop that she used for her side job. She didn't want it falling into the wrong hands, even though they were out in the middle of the ocean. Eventually, she found a small space to tuck it away for the time being. She'd have to create a more secure area later, but for now, that would do. Satisfied with everything, she grabbed her iPad and headed up to the meeting room for the briefing.


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