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New Accommodations

Posted on Sunday September 22nd, 2019 @ 8:26pm by Private Thomas Wilson

Mission: A Fresh Start
Location: SDS Helicopter/ N.S. Red Sky Morning

Private Thomas Wilson

Wraith 4 - Vehicle Specialist


Tom looked over the information on the pad.  He casually read over the ship's specifications, current armaments and auxiliary vehicles among its inventory.  It was clear that they were going to be mostly self-sufficient barring any major enemy incursions. He placed the pad into his bag and looked out the window as they finally made it over the Gulf.  It wouldn't be too much longer until we were onboard the ship.

He felt the helicopter roll over to starboard as it began to circle the N.S. Red Sky Morning.  The yacht was as big as an Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer only more luxurious and just as deadly from the specifications he read.  The helicopter pitched down and lightly touched the skids on the deck aft of the yacht. The doors slid open and they were all escorted off the aircraft and directed to their quarters.

Tom dropped his bag onto his bed and looked around the room.  He wasn't used to having his own quarters. It was usually two junior officers to a room when he was in the service.  This was rather lavish even for his needs. He packed his clothes away and took another shower before dressing down into company polo and a fresh pair of black khaki cargo pants and boots before heading out of his quarters heading to the briefing room.



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