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The New Home

Posted on Sunday August 11th, 2019 @ 5:16pm by Field Commander Garrett Alder

Mission: A Fresh Start

F.C. Garrett Alder
Commanding Officer

There hadn’t been any questions yet, so Garrett gave them the time to read about their new home. It was somewhat fortune that the cover they were being given left them on such a luxurious craft. The Navy, and Coast Guard personnel on board were mostly housed in the lower decks in crew quarters, but Wraith team was staying in the suite, most of them in smaller suits mostly meant for guests, but the Officers had some nicer ones. Garrett had only seen the specs on his, but it was one of the biggest. Guess being CO had its perks.

The flight took a while, but eventually you could finally see the navigation lights of the yacht out in the black waters in the gulf. The helipad lights came on as the helicopter approached and moments later, they’d touched down. They were quickly escorted into the ship and as soon as they were clear, the landing pad started it’s decent into the hanger deck. Doors silently rolled shut over it and the deck was once again completely clear. That wasn’t the only thing hidden below the decks, but they’d get to that later.

Garrett was handed a tablet and skimmed it over. “These gentlemen will show you to your rooms.” He said motioning towards the sailors standing against the wall. “You’ve got one hour to settle in, then meet in conference room for a mission briefing. Dismissed.”



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