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Red Sky Morning

Posted on Sunday June 30th, 2019 @ 3:43pm by Field Commander Garrett Alder
Edited on on Tuesday July 2nd, 2019 @ 2:05pm

Mission: A Fresh Start
Location: Airspace Over Texas

Fleet Commander Garrett Alder
Commanding Officer

Garrett boarded the helicopter with the rest of the team. The door was closed, and it was surprisingly quiet. He’d been on a few before, but it was usually too load to have a significant conversation. This new model was a significant improvement. He grabbed his own tablet and glanced at Margo, “You mind?” He gave her a moment to object when she didn’t, he went on.

He sent an authorization to the tablets the team had been given unlocking them. The Bell 525 helicopter lifted off and started heading south. The tablets powered on and showed a sleek yacht floating on calm waters. “Meet the N.S. Red Sky Morning.” He started “A nuclear-powered super yacht. Built in cooperation with the US Navy. She’s going to be our home for the foreseeable future. The cover is that the yacht was built for Mr. Pearson’s daughter, she’ll be our ‘Briefing Officer’ on board. Our cover is that we’re her private security escort. Unofficially, this ship is a test bed for a number of DARPA and Navy tech, as well as some civilian tech. What does this mean for us?” he looked around first at Margo then at the rest of the team, “This means that we’ve got access to some of the most advanced tech on the planet to accomplish our missions… when it works.”

He smiled then went on. “I’ll spare you all the boring details, you can read them for yourselves. But in short, she’s 220m long, a little bigger than a US Destroyer. We’ve got several vehicles on board, which will include this helicopter, and a few UAVs. We’ve got some tender vessels and land vehicles as well when they are needed. She’s fully crewed, mostly by Navy but there are some civilian staff. She’s got all the amenities you’d expect of a Yacht. Theater, Bar, on board wi-fi, pool. She’s also got one of the most advanced Combat Information Centers on or above the planet. We’re linked in to both SDS and the Military Satellite systems, and thanks to the Navy, she’s also got a good armament.”

“We’ve got a couple hours in the air, I suggest you read up, ask any questions, and enjoy the flight.”



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