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Back Into The Fray

Posted on Sunday June 16th, 2019 @ 10:29am by Private Thomas Wilson

Mission: A Fresh Start
Location: SDS HQ - Helipad

Thomas Wilson

Wraith 4 - Vehicle Specialist

Freshly showered and packed Tom hustled up to the Helipad. He looked at the helicopter and saw that it was nearly full. He was the last one to arrive. He hustled the best he could given the short notice and gave his two bags to the crew chief and nodded a thank you to the man. He looked at the Margo as he climbed inside and took his seat. "Sorry, Colonel." Tom said, "I hustled as fast as I could given the current circumstances. I was brought on as a last minute add-on." Tom took the small pad and read the instructions on it.

He didn't know these individuals nor did they know him. The only thing known about Thomas Wilson was whatever was in the company file and his service jacket from his previous life. He was truly a fish out of water here and hopefully he wouldn't be a disappointment.


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