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Cross Check

Posted on Saturday June 15th, 2019 @ 6:21pm by Colonel Margo Vincent

Mission: A Fresh Start
Location: SDS HQ - Helipad

Margo Vincent
Team Lead- Intelligence Officer

"Thank you," Margo said as she handed her bag up to one of the crew chiefs helping to balance the load on the helicopter as the team members arrived for boarding. Hopping up into the cabin, she took her seat and strapped in. Her eyes traveled across the Texas landscape. Of all the places in the world she'd traveled in her time, Lubbock TX wasn't high on the list of most scenic or action packed social wise. But it'd been home to the fresh start she'd so desperately needed. In it's own special way, she was going to miss this place.

Her focus pulled back to the helicopter as more team members arrived. As they loaded in, she handed them out small pads with instructions to not turn them on until she said to. This would be easier to do now rather than in the air with turbulence and everyone crammed in.

"Welcome aboard guys." She said with a grin.


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