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Deep Cover

Posted on Thursday June 13th, 2019 @ 8:38pm by Major Robert White

Mission: A Fresh Start

Robert White
Deep Cover Op

Robert rolled his eyes, he was really tired of this conversation, they’d had it a hundred times, “Why should they let a non-believe lead this holy mission.” The answer was simple really, he was the one with the skills to do it. Their leaders agreed and had assigned him the job. Aziz disagreed. Pointing out that their leaders assigned him the mission did nothing to silence the man, and he was getting tired of it. They were reaching a critical point in the plan, and he couldn’t have Aziz hesitating.

“No.” Aziz said firmly. Robert looked at him and sighed. He looked around the room at the shocked expressions. “I will not follow an American on this holy mission!” Robert looked around and made a quiet appeal to Allah. He looked around at the rest of the room again, “Anyone else have a problem following my orders on this holy mission, appointed to us by our leaders?” he was answered by silence. He heard the hammer get cocked on Aziz’s pistol. The terrified looks on the other faces told him the rest. “Aziz.” He said without turning to face him, he could hear the sound of the weapon being drawn. “What smells like shit and screams like a girl?” there was a moments hesitation as Aziz’s brain attempted to understand what he was being asked. Too late. Robert spun around and grabbed the gun, he broke Aziz’s trigger finger causing him to release his grasp on the weapon, Robert pointed it at his knee and fired a shot. Blood and bone fragments splattered the wall and floor behind him. Aziz screamed in pain. “Right answer.” He said.

He gave him a few minutes while he watched the rest of his team. “Aziz, I need… I need… Stop screaming.” He sighed, “The screaming, Aziz, stop, stop… STOP.” He shouted and put the gun to his head. “Stop.” He said calmly, the screaming died away, and turned to a whimper. “I will not have doubts messing up this mission blessed by Allah. I have been assigned this task by our leaders; they do Allah’s will. To doubt me is to doubt our leaders, and to doubt them is to doubt Allah.” He closed his eyes in silent prayer for a moment. “This I will not allow.” He turned and shot Aziz in the head.

He knew he was going a bit over the top, but he’d been working on this mission for almost 3 years. He’d been in deep cover for so long, he almost started believing this B.S. He’d lost count of how many people he’d killed for this damn mission. He’d do it alone before he let them screw it up. “The truck will be passing through the target area at 0800. We’ll blow the lead and follow vehicles with remote explosives, I’ll take out the drive of the transport myself, and provide cover fire, it’ll be up to you to get the material. Once you’re clear we’ll meet and Waypoint Bravo and exfil.” He looked around “If we succeed, we’ll have enough radioactive material to make a dirty bomb that’ll make the towers look like an appetizer.”



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