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Prep Time

Posted on Monday June 10th, 2019 @ 7:38am by Colonel Margo Vincent

Mission: A Fresh Start
Location: SDS HQ - Lubbock, TX
Timeline: +2 hours from Misery Loves Company

Colonel Margo Vincent
Team Leader - Intel

Margo's green eyes cut back and forth between her two black duffel bags which sat side by side on her bed. She had finished packing her belongings, most of which fit in the two duffels. One she'd packed with her clothes, preferring to keep a nice balance between her favorite mission gear and her personally tailored outfits and shirts from Claudia designed for her to easily conceal her handgun when out and about, and look chic doing so. The other bag contained her personal equipment she didn't dare part with. Laptop, tablets and other necessary intel equipment had been carefully packed to safely travel by her side on the helicopter to the yacht.

This was her life, dumped in 2 bag. She had some other personal belongings left to shove into a shipping box to be sent to the ship later, but a majority of her life fit into two bags.

A small sigh escaped her lips as she sat down on the bed. She hadn't always thought her life would turn out like this. She was supposed to have retired this lifestyle. Had a home with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Children running around who were carbon copies of her and her spouse, her loving husband home every night with her, where they would share a glass of wine on the balcony after the kids were tucked into bed. She shook her head quickly, as if erasing that dream from her mind. That wasn't the life she'd been granted. This one was full of death, deceit, and revenge.

Marston was right to have his concerns about her. Her agenda and reasons for even accepting the SDS job were no secret. Revenge was a powerful motivator and it would be hard to walk away from the absolute perfect opportunity to exact that revenge if she had to choose between that moment and her teammates. But, she wasn't lying either when she had told Adler. The hurt and pain she'd experienced since the murder of her fiance was something she wouldn't wish on a family member of her teammates, and she could only hope that would keep her from going rogue when her team needed her most.

Taking a deep breath, Margo pushed herself up from the bed once more. Packing was done, that was sorted. She still had about 10 hours before they reported for transport out. She wasn't going to be around on land much longer, so she left her room heading for the parking lot. A long drive in the dry Texas air sounded like a wonderful idea, before it was more of a luxury than an every day occurrence outside of a mission or a quick trip to shore.


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