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Kill Zones

Posted on Saturday June 8th, 2019 @ 9:39pm by Private Sonya Stabler

Mission: A Fresh Start

"Kill Zones"
By: Sonya Stabler
Engineering Specialist


Sonya was in the kill house, working on her reaction skills to various threats with her favorite Colt Canada C8A3. That had always been her weak point, especially since she was more trained HUMINT and electronics systems than in raw combat. But, combat training could be trained, whereas her innate ability with understanding electronics, that was harder to teach. When she walked into the close quarters combat area, she pulled out her P225, and slung the colt back over her shoulder. Rounding a corner, she saw a body, and shot first without doing a quick identify. The lights in the house went red, and a very loud “BLAAAAAAAAAAT” sound could be heard. She looked at what she had shot, and saw it was a child cowering in the corner. The kill house Sergeant came down from his observation area, and walked over to her. “Really? Have you not learned anything this past week? USE YOUR OBSERVATION SKILLS BEFORE FIRING. When you have the drop on someone, a 0.5 second pause to make sure you’re shooting a threat will save a life!” he said, getting in Sonya’s face. She sighed in frustration with herself. She walked out of the building, and racked her guns after clearing them, and stepped outside for a moment to clear her head.

She knew she could not just memorize the position of every non-combatant in the kill house, as it changed every time. Her brain was always going extremely fast, trying to anticipate her next move before she got there. Sonya had to slow down and just rely on instincts and training, instead of using her analytical skills to figure out everything going on before it happened. In combat situations, you cannot do that, as it will get you killed when the unanticipated happened. She slowed down her thought process, taking a moment and closing her eyes, focusing on her breathing. She stood back up, walking back to the kill house, and getting her weapons and gear again. She nodded to the Sergeant, who activated the greenlight to start the training. Going through, she picked out targets, not trying to think 5 steps ahead, but instead following the flow. She moved through the kill house, identifying threats, and taking them out. She got into the close quarters, pulling out her side arm again, and rounding corners. This time, the majority of the ‘people’ in the scenario were not threats, but instead civilians…until the end, when 3 threats popped up into windows, and she quickly dispatched them. She got to the finish line, so to speak, and saw the green bulb light up, indicating she passed. Taking off her helmet and goggles, she was dripping sweat, and breathing heavily. Part of it was exertion, the other part was anxiety and nerves about passing through. The Sergeant came down and nodded his approval. “You stopped thinking, didn’t you?” he asked her.

“I did, and I’m starting to understand,” she said with a slight smile to him. “I’ll probably never be your level, but I’m learning,” Sonya added, wiping her brow and running a hand over her hair, pushing back the loose strands, which was up in a tight bun for this exercise.

“I’ll make an infantry woman out of you yet,” he said with a grunt, but with a slight smile in his eyes. “Go get some water and relax, you’ve earned it for the moment.

Sonya nodded with a grin, and walked back to front, dropping off all her gear, and unbuttoning her over shirt, leaving just her tshirt on. She grabbed one of the bottle of waters there by the front, and quickly drank it down, and grabbed another one. She stepped outside, and even though it was a warm day, it felt cooler due to the slight breeze. She checked her phone, and saw an alert. Only way to view those was on the secure tablets, so she went back to her quarters, wondering if they had a new mission.

Upon arrival, she saw she had 12 hours from the time it came in, and saw the time. She had another 11 hours. Colonel Vincent was now the team lead, which she had heard their now former lead had substantial injuries. Unfortunate, and she hoped he healed quickly for his own sake. Sonya felt disgusting from the sweat, grime, and gunpowder residue, so grabbed some more comfortable clothing, and went into the shower, deciding to take a nice, hot, long one to ease her aching muscles and clear her mind.

After a while, she lost track of time, she finally got out of the shower, dried off, and put on her comfortable clothing. She checked her bags, and saw that some of the books she liked to take for the transits were not in there, and tossed them in, along with her specialized laptop that she had customized with counter hacking hardware and software that she had written and put on, and even designed some of the chip hardware herself.

She settled in, grabbing a snack, and smiled, ready for the next gig.



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