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"Time For Family"

Posted on Saturday June 8th, 2019 @ 7:15pm by Corporal Franz Huber

Mission: A Fresh Start

Corporal Franz Huber
Communications Specialist


Franz was relaxing in his room, catching up on messages and emails from his family and friends back home in Germany. Things were going okay there, but there are still some underlying jitters about the Russians projecting their military a bit more visibly than they have in the previous years. But otherwise, his two kids and wife were doing well, which always brought a smile to Franz’s face. Veronika was going to turn 10 in a few months, and he hoped to be able to take some leave to fly back to Germany and surprise her, which would make her major birthday even more special. He saw his phone flash an alert. New mission, he thought to himself, and reached over, picking up the tablet that would have the actual information on it.

Reading it over, it literally said just slightly above zero about what they were going to be doing. However, they were not leaving for another 12 hours, which gave him time to finish sending responses, as well as try to get a quick nap. That was one of the things that would probably never be dropped as a habit. You always had to be ready for anything, and sleep came sparingly on missions. His bag was ready to go, so now it was just the waiting game. One thing struck him though, it mentioned a Colonel Vincent. She got promoted, he thought with a slight smile. Well good to know, he thought to himself, then resumed writing a response to his kids and wife.



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