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Up on the Roof

Posted on Saturday June 8th, 2019 @ 6:50pm by Field Commander Garrett Alder

Mission: A Fresh Start

Field Commander Garrett Alder
Commanding Officer

Garrett woke up and looked at the clock. He had 3 hours till departure. He’d already packed what he was taking. He didn’t have to pack everything, only what he wanted to take. Benefit of rank, he actually had a permanent residence here. “You ready for another helicopter ride?” he asked looking at Shadow on the other side of the bed. The black dog rolled over on his back and groaned at him. His tongue lolling out of his mouth. Garrett reached over and gave his belly a thorough scratching much to the delight of his furry companion. He got up and stretched then headed for the head. He brushed his teeth and turned on the shower. Shadow followed and watched him. “Look” he said after he’d rinsed, “we’ve talked about this, I know you don’t mind, but it’s awkward being watched in the bathroom, why don’t you go play or something? Shadow tilted his head at him, looking for a word that He found interesting. Mostly something that involved work, play, or food. He didn’t detect one, so just lay down to wait. Garrett shook his head and got in the shower.

He lingered awhile just enjoying the water. They were fortunate, the new ride had plenty of water, as well as super-efficient de-salination plants, so they shouldn’t have a water problem. When he got out, he put on his uniform and looked again at the silver star on the collar. Colonel was bad enough, how’d he get himself into this? He worked his injured arm a bit and winced as he hit some of the sore spots. He wasn’t supposed to be out of the sling for awhile still. He sighed and put the sling back on over his uniform. Shadow followed him everywhere. It was like he could sense something was about to happen and didn’t want to miss it. He grabbed the combat harness that’d been specially designed for his K9 sidekick. He didn’t need it here, but it was designed to be strapped into the helicopter, so Garrett decided to get him used to it. He took out the Sig Sauer P226 that was locked in the case and put it in the holster. He’d been laughed at when he said he wanted the harness to have a holster, but it’d proved handing in field testing. Not for the dog, he was pretty sure Shadow hadn’t learned to use it. But there had been more than one scenario he’d been left without his weapons, and Shadow could get to him fast. He finished getting Shadow ready and decided to go have a chock-walk with the aircrew before takeoff.

He opened the door and spotted a Private heading his way. “Private!” he called, the young man turned around and jogged over to him, snapped off a sharp salute, “What can I do for you sir?” he asked. Garrett returned the salute and pointed at the bags in his room, “Take those up to the helipad for me, will you?” “Yes, Sir.” He said and stepped past him to get the bags. Garrett headed to the elevator and held the door for the Private. Moments later they were on the roof and the Private was storing the backs. “Captain.” He said approaching the pilot and extending his hand.



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