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Posted on Friday June 7th, 2019 @ 7:13am by Private Kelsi Becker

Mission: A Fresh Start

Pvt. Kelsi Becker
Weapons Specialist

Kelsi just finished another set in the gym when her tablet start going off. She recognized the desperate call for attention as an important notification. She returned the weights to the rack and grabbed her towel, dabbing the sweat from her forehead and neck before picking up the tablet and check it. It was a new set of orders. She couldn’t really glean much information from them. All it basically said was that she was being re-assigned, that Col. Margo Vincent was the mission commander, and to be ready for transport in about 12 hours. Location was ‘Redacted’ assignment was ‘Redacted’ objectives was blank. She shrugged and dropped the tablet back into her bag and grabbed her water bottle. She had plenty of time.

She headed back to her room and took a shower. She enjoyed feeling the water cascading over her body while she considered the orders. “Colonel Margo Vincent” she said to herself. So, Margo had been promoted, and was apparently leading this team now, or was the team being divided up. The Rumor mill had been pretty active about Col. Alder’s injury, though she’d yet to hear anything deficient about it. The rank suggested Margo was permanently in charge though. She didn’t have anything against Margo, she just hated being without information. She wasn’t sure what she’d be dealing with exactly so as soon as she got dressed out of the shower, she packed up what little stuff she had, grabbed a snack, then took a nap, just in case they had to hit it hard as soon as things started tonight.



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