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Lets Go.

Posted on Tuesday July 3rd, 2018 @ 11:54pm by Field Commander Garrett Alder

Mission: Archive - Mission 02 - Operation: Rex Mortem

Col. Garrett Alder
Team Leader/Sniper

There seemed to be no questions, so Garrett went on. “Just a final recap, Tanner, Huber are red team. You’ll hit from the road. Block cell and radio coms, as well as set explosives on the road to slow down reinforcements.”

“Green Team, Becker and Keyes, hit the other side, draw their attention, take down as many as you can.”

“I’ll be providing as much cover from my over-watch position as I can.”

He looked around and figured they were as ready as they were going to be. “We’re Oscar-Mike in 5, remember, this is supposed to look like a hit by a rival cartel… Dismissed.”

He grabbed his gear and made one final check on it, then headed for the van, they’d be dropped about 2 mikes from their target, and they’d hump it the rest of the way. Less chance of being spotted. They vans departed on time, Blue team in one, Green and Red in the other. They headed out of town, and finally reached their destinations.

Garrett stepped out of the van and did a weapons check, “All teams check in.” he said motioned for Green team to head towards their destination, while he started the climb to his.




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