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Little Red Dress

Posted on Monday March 5th, 2018 @ 6:10pm by Private Sonya Stabler

Mission: Archive - Mission 02 - Operation: Rex Mortem

“Little Red Dress”
By: Private Sonya Stabler


Sonya took the earwig, and put it into her ear, knowing that this would be one of the ways they could hear what was going on. She had a feeling that if they had any microphones, that would be picked up far far easier. Earwigs are great, as they are passive and just pick up signals. Microphones...well, transmit.

It was nearly go time, and Margo told them to get ready, they had about 40 minutes. Walking into her room, she pulled out the dress she chose specifically for this. It accented physique, knowing it should attract the attention of their mark and whomever else of his that might be around. Putting on some flashy jewelry to befit her status as a dealer in Canada, she looked in the mirror. “Time to get back to the HUMINT side,” she said with a slight grin. She pulled out a USB drive from her bag which had a bunch of her decryption software on it that allowed her to bypass any disk encryption with ease, and stuck it into a hidden compartment in her handbag. It was the same size as a wireless mouse transmitter, but far far more useful. Walking out into the hallway, she waited for the other two.



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