Posted on Sunday February 7th, 2021 @ 3:37pm by Private Devon Brooks

Pvt. Devon Brooks
Medical Specialist

Devon could remember it like it was yesterday. But it had been almost eight months now and she was done with her military career all because of one self-centered lieutenant. All the after action report had said was that she had failed to follow a direct order. She’d been given a choice, face an Article 15 Hearing or accept an “Other than honorable discharge”. She chose the discharge. But she knew that if she had to do it all over again she wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing. She sat back in her seat as she let the memory roll through her mind...

*Devon shoved the heavy pack over her shoulder. It provided some protection from the bullets that were flying, but she still had to get the wounded soldier back to the extraction point. The rest of the unit had pushed forward leaving her and Pvt. Nolan. She called for a medivac but was told to leave the Pvt. And join her team. “What the Fuck! Are they crazy?” She swore loudly and shook her head, “Whatever happened to watching out for each other, or leaving no man behind, even if I’m NOT a marine, I can’t just leave an injured man alone.” She shoved his weapon over his shoulder and used the strap to lift him up. “Weighs a damn ton,” She grunted as she shifted his weight a few times until she felt more steady on her feet and then started the long walk to the LZ.*

*When she’d finally made it the rest of the team was already loaded on the hilo and were about to depart till someone, Sgt Alverez if she recalled correctly, saw her coming and sent two men back to help. The whole time the Lieutenant was barking orders to get them the hell out of the area.*

Yeah that was a fun ride back. Trying to treat the wounded man while the LT kept telling her he was gonna have her drawn and quartered. She’d all but laughed in his face.
She kicked at the corner of the cruddy linoleum on the floor of what was called a kitchenette in her lousy apartment. Devon sighed. What a waste of time. Six years she’d spent on active duty in places that made her lousy apartment look like a mansion. Two tours in Iraq, another three in Afghanistan, and a couple of drug interdiction joint missions, one in Columbia and another in Honduras. She’d loved the adrenaline rush of facing danger to help her team.

Now she could not find a job. It seemed no one wanted to hear anything once they saw her discharge. Her father had all but disowned her. It figures that he was less than concerned about saving another man’s life than he was of the chain of command that she had so obviously ignored. In his eyes she had dishonored the family legacy.

She’d been out for two months now and if something didn’t happen soon, she’d be out on the streets. Just like hundreds of other warriors that couldn’t fit in anymore.