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Family Squabbles

Posted on Thursday September 28th, 2017 @ 4:04pm by Private Kelsi Becker

Kelsi Rossi
Capo – Esposito Crime Family

“Wake up…” she said standing over her would be assailant. “I need you to wake up now, I’ve got places to be.” She said. *SMACK* her gloved hand struck hard on his cheek. He groaned and opened his eyes. They looked around the room trying to focus. She snapped her fingers in front of his face drawing his attention to her. “That’s better.” She said his eyes finally focusing on her face. Her hair was tied back out of her way. “Now, normally I like to know who people are before I allow them into my house. You decided to skip that step… so I need to know who you are, why you are here, and likely who hired you.”

He looked at her with defiant eyes, refusing to speak. He looked down and checked his restraints, he was very well secured, and the chair was bolted to the ground. He took a quick look around. The room had concrete walls, and some padding. Everything was immaculately cleaned. He looked back towards Kelsi, but still refused to speak.

“Fine… I guess we do this the hard way.” She pulled out a pistol that had been concealed in the small of her back. She stuck the barrel against his left knee and pulled the trigger. The sound would have been deafening in the small room if it wasn’t for the suppressor. That being said, the screaming was making her ears ring. “Enough.” She said and pointed the gun on the other knee. It was only a .22 LR pistol, the suppressor was almost un-necessary. She like it for work such as this because it was more than enough to cause damage, but tended to leave the rounds inside the body, something she found kept her floors easier to clean. Blood was a pain in the ass, but patching concreate was worse in her mind.

The screaming finally died down, but he was still groaning. She leaned down resting her hand on his good thigh so she could look him in the eye, though not so close he could headbutt her if he got the inclination. “I am sorry about that… but we needed to establish that when I ask a question, I expect an answer, and I really didn’t want to waste time on the ‘The cute little girl wouldn’t have the guts’ thing… Now we both know that I do, and that I won’t hesitate.” She patted his knee eliciting further pain. “Now that that is settled.” She said putting the gun away, “Who are you, what are you doing here, and who hired you?”

He looked at her defiantly again, though not as much conviction in his eyes this time. She sighed and pulled out the pistol again pressing it to his right shoulder this time and pulled the trigger. The .22 round tore through the ball and socket joint of his shoulder and he started screaming again. When the screaming stopped she looked at him again, obviously frustrated, “You know… bone injuries like that… they are going to haunt you for the rest of your live. When it’s cold, when it rains, snows whatever… your knee, and your shoulder are going to cause you annoyance forever now. But I’m not completely heartless… I did shoot you in opposite sides, at least now you’ll still be able to hold a crutch.” She said pulling the slide back a bit as if checking the rounds. “However… I’m done being nice…” she said and put the .22 away.

She pulled out a small canister from her pocket and put in some ear plugs. “These are great little devices.” She said holding one up for him to see before putting it in her ear. “They can detect loud noises, and only block out about a certain decibel.” She said as she removed another weapon from behind her back. She held it up for him to see. “.45 caliber… this does a lot of damage. Anything I shoot with this will never recover. She ejected the magazine, and removed one of the rounds from the magazine. She held it up revealing a nasty looking bullet. “R.I.P. Rounds” she said shaking her head, “They should be illegal… though I’d use them anyway if they were.” She put the round back in the mag, inserted the mag, and racked a round into the chamber. “See… Unlike a normal holo-point, which were designed to cause damage without hurting what was behind the target… these… these are designed to just damage, those little trocars fly straight out from the round on penetration tearing up a lot of your internal organs as they do… I add something special… Rat Poison… it’s an anti-coagulant, so it’ll be nearly impossible to stop the bleeding.”

She looked lovingly at the weapon. “I do want to thank you… I’ve never actually had the opportunity to use one.” She glanced at her target who was obviously sweating, his eyes locked on the gun. He might act tough… but she had him. She clicked off the safety, and pointed the gun right at his crotch. “Don’t worry… from here, it won’t hit your heart or lungs… probably. It will take you your two closest friends, and probably tear up your stomach… then the acid inside your stomach will eat at your other organs… If I’m right… should be a painful way to do. I’ve never seen it. Should be fun.” You could almost hear the spring as she started to pull the trigger.

“STOP!” he yelled finally breaking, “Who I am doesn’t matter… I was sent here to kill you, I was hired by Nick Adalberto.” She released the pressure on the trigger. “You lie.” She said calmly, his eyes flashed with terror, “NO! NO I tell the truth… he thinks you’re after his job, and he’s never been one for competition.” She clicked the safety back on and started pacing thinking. “No… the Boss would never let him get away with this.” Her guest looked a bit relieved, “The boss thinks you’ve been embezzling from the Family. Adalberto doctored the books.”

She rolled her eyes… Men are so stupid… how could the boss really believe she’d do something like that. She’s made more than enough money working for the family. But now she was green lit… they’d stop at nothing to ensure she was dead… that didn’t leave her many options. “You’ve been a help… and I’m sorry about the shoulder and the knee, but I really did need the information and you weren’t being cooperative.” She shook her head, “I do have to know… you really thought you’d be able to sneak in here tonight, and carry this out on your own?” He shook his head, “No… well yes… He didn’t tell me who my target was, just said she’d be in here alone.” His breathing was raged, he was starting to go into shock from the blood loss. “He said you were just a pretty face.”

She smiled her most charming smile, “Awww… He said I was pretty?” lightning fast her .45 came out again. A shot rang out in the small room, but was heard nowhere else. 20 minutes later, the house was burning down with an intensity only brought on by a major accelerant.

Kelsi Becker

Two Weeks Later…

“And you’re sure you know nothing about how Adalberto died?” Kelsi sighed again, “No, I know nothing about that. I’ve been in hiding for two weeks, ever since they tried to burn my house down with me in it.” The Federal Agent shook his head. He knew she was lying… but the AG had made a deal, and she’d given them more than enough to take down the Esposito Family… He’d love to pin the murder of Adalberto to her, and find out who the remains were they found in her basement, but she wasn’t sharing, and they had no way to prove she’d had anything to do with either. A deal was a deal. “Fine… there are two Marshall's outside waiting to take you to your new home… stay out of trouble.”

She nodded, looking scared (looking… not actually scared… just looking), and stood. Obviously trying to cover up the fact her legs were shaking she headed to the door. “Thank you for your help.” She said kindly before turning and leaving the office.

“Texas?” she said getting off the plane a few hours later. “I’ve been relocated to Texas?”



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