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The Turning Point

Posted on Saturday July 15th, 2017 @ 11:29pm by Private Sonya Stabler

By: Sonya Stabler


Sonya sat in the control room of her listening complex for the Eastern Europe theater. It was here that she was most comfortable, helping to oversee the second shift of intel for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. It had been a few hours since she had come on duty, and so far, things had been quiet in the former Soviet states, as they usually have been outside of Russia invading Georgia back in 2008. She had been doing work in the mid-east at that period of time, so had avoided the hell that occurred. Usually, outside of the normal Russian interference in Eastern Europe, things were relatively quiet. Turkey proved quite interesting during the attempted coup, and their chatter had increased substantially with the current President turning Turkey into much more authoritarian and less secularist.

She looked at her watch, realizing she had another 6 hours to go on duty. This was proving to be another relatively simple evening. She leaned back in her chair, thinking of the other night when she went on a date with the guy from the German Embassy, Ulrich. It had been a pleasant enough evening that lasted quite a while, but she just was not sure if it would work out..he seemed distant, more married to his work. Such was the story of her life in this business. Oh well, she thought. She was about to meander to something else that was on her mind when the secure phone rang. It jolted her from her daydreaming, and she quickly answered it. "Fine day for a drive in the country side," she said, using the challenge phrase for the evening.

"Hopefully no deer jump in front of the car," came the response from the other end, the answer to her challenge.

"Code cleared, Stabler here," she said, wondering what was going on. It was rare for new priorities to be set at this time. She listened with her full attention, ready to act on whatever it was.

"You will receive word that an attack on the Canadian Embassy in Ankara will take place at 0000 UTC. You will not interfere. Clearance Alpha Tango Hotel Five Niner Four. Repeat, you will not interfere and let it happen. Do you copy?"

Sonya listened to the instructions, and realized that she had to allow an attack on one of their own Embassies to occur. The clearance that the person on the other end gave came from very high up in the CSIS, so there was no way to attempt to countermand the order. If she did, or ordered anyone to alert the Embassy, her and the entire crew would be thrown in jail, or worse, for at least 15 to 20 years, and they would never be able to find a decent job in Canada again. It was nearly an end of life deal if you broke orders from that level. "Uh, copy.. can you explain why?" she asked, hoping an answer would satisfy why she needed to let this happen.

"Negative. You will not receive any more instructions." With that last sentence, she heard the click, indicating that the other side hung up.

"What was that about?" Frank said, coming up to Sonya. He saw the look on her face, which was a mixture of worry, confusion, and stress.

"Uh, nothing.. some orders for the next shift," she said, trying to shake Frank off the trail. "Nothing for us to worry about," she hurriedly added.

"Sonya," he started to say, looking at her.

"Drop it, I mean it Frank," she said, a sharp tone in her voice indicating she would not be anymore forthcoming.

"okay," he said defensively. "It got you riled up, that's for sure."

"I'm sorry, it was nothing, let's just get through this shift with as little problems as possible," she said, running a hand through her hair and sighing. She stood up and paced for a moment. "I'll be right back," Sonya added, her stress causing her heart rate to spike. The room they were in felt warm, and she felt like she needed to go down the hallway for a moment to escape the feeling. Opening the door quickly, she heard it clang shut quickly, and the auto locks engage. She hurried down the hall, her footsteps echoing loudly as the only sound. After a few minutes of walking, she stopped, and slumped to the floor, her back against the wall. This was not how it had been, or was supposed to be. What could POSSIBLY be worth endangering lives over for her to not provide advance warning to? She put her head in her hands, letting out a long sigh.

"Rough day?" a voice said. Sonya practically jumped up at the voice, having not heard the soft footsteps of the intel chief for Eastern Europe. She quickly stood up, and nodded a little.

"Yes ma'am, and I still have 6 hours to go," Sonya said to Kendra, wondering if she could speak to her superior about this. It is also possible Kendra was in on it, so it was probably best to stay silent for now. "Hopefully things smooth out," she added, trying to smile a bit.

"I'm sure they will," Kendra said with a smile. "If my 25 years in this blasted service has taught me anything, things only get worse when the Russians and Chinese get quiet," she added, giving Sonya a knowing wink. "Sometimes, stepping out and getting some air is about the only thing you can do to gather yourself. Don't forget, Sonya, that we're Canadian, people usually view us as the nice ones," she added jokingly.

"Aye Ma'am," Sonya said with a nod, getting control of herself and playing off what was troubling her. "Thanks for the pep talk," she said with a smile. "I'll try to figure it out," Sonya added.

" careful, and do what's best for Canada," Kendra said to Sonya with a smile. "And remember, we are all in this together," she added, giving Sonya a slight look, which indicated to her that Kendra knew something was going on.

'She knows,' Sonya thought to herself. She sighed. If she could not trust anyone in her own intelligence service, who could she trust? Her staff? Who knows...what was this about anyway? Perhaps it was a way to shore up support for continued counter-terrorism operations with the citizens back home. One thing Canadian's did not like was seeing their people overseas, fighting wars. That just was not in their history, save the War of 1812, but the Americans brought that one on themselves. She walked back down the hallway, and she could almost feel the gaze from Kendra at her back. Walking to the door, she held her ID Card up to the reader, and heard the locks clack open. She opened the door quickly, and made sure it shut and locked behind her. Time to ignore all her training and allow an attack to happen.



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