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Memories Part 1

Posted on Thursday September 29th, 2016 @ 11:29am by Corporal Richard Keyes

Capt. Richard Keyes
Combat Rescue Officer
Kandahar, Afghanistan

“HANG ON!” shouted the pilot as the Blackhawk banked again. Rick grabbed his line and steadied himself… he always hated these things, but knew they were required, as evidenced by Airman Howell, if it hadn’t been for his line he’d have been out of the bird. “Sir, we can land here, it’s too hot.” The Pilot said over intercom having narrowly dodged another RPG.

Rick looked out the open door at the ground below, it was a warzone… Green on Blue. A Local Afghani unit turned on the US unit with them and opened fire. They knew of at least 4 dead and 7 CAT Alphas. Those are what Ricks teams were concerned with. But strictly speaking they couldn’t land during the fighting. CENTCOM was concerned about risking the Blackhawks… apparently one of them was worth more than the injured men on the ground. This wasn’t the way Rick felt… and he knew his men would follow his orders… hell, this is what they signed up for.

“Fine” he said looking around, “2 klicks behind our boys, I see a field, set us there… then move out and wait for the pickup call, have out trail bird orbit the area and provide cover.” The pilot looked over his shoulder at Rick and shook his head. “Alright… we’ll get you in there.” A few seconds later the radio clicked to life “Inferno 7-2, 7-3… we are dropping at the green field and my 3 o’clock. The Captain requests you cover us.” There was a moment’s pause before the response came, “Understood 7-3, 7-2 moving to cover.”

The second Blackhawk flew in a wider arc watching for threats nearing the LZ. Rick gave a loud whistle drawing the attention of his team and holding his index finger in the air made a circle motion with it. The team charged their rifles and got ready to move. By the time they were done the Blackhawk was touching down. Rick released his safety line and jumped out of the bird. The team formed up on him as they headed into the city.



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