Turning Point

Posted on Monday July 18th, 2016 @ 9:01am by Colonel Margo Vincent

"Our gardens would be perfect for an outdoor wedding." The smiling Rabbi Gesa Ederberg said as she lead Margo and her fiance Noah through a winding stone trail behind the Jewish Synagogue in Berlin. The property backed up to a canal and was lined with trees. The short green grass had started to brown thanks to the cooler fall days and nights, and the leaves had changed to a brilliant hue of red and orange. In the clearing, a small, white archway was permanently in place. No doubt for the plenty outdoor weddings the Synagogue hosted throughout the year when the weather permitted. They had been engaged for a few months and their schedules had finally aligned long enough for them to be able to scout wedding locations so they could get the invites sent out in a timely fashion for their spring wedding. Planning for the CIA Caseworker and the MOSSAD Officer had been going excruciatingly slow, so the settling on a venue made the whole event finally feel real.

"It's beautiful." Margo agreed, her fingers tightening around Noah's as she gently squeezed his hand in excitement. They had been looking at different places all day trying to find the perfect one to host their upcoming nuptials at, and so far this one had fit the bill. A beautiful outdoor location if they chose to do that. And an equally beautiful indoor prayer hall that wasn't so large it would overwhelm their small wedding list of guests. "I think this is my favorite place so far."

"I agree." Nodded Noah as he cast a soft smile toward Margo. He was similarly impressed with the landscaping and could imagine how beautiful his bride would look in this setting and couldn't help the grin that remained on his face. "We have one more place to look at, unless you're done looking that is." He said, winking at Margo playfully.

"We should check it out, just to be fair, but this is in the lead so far." Margo replied, beaming a grin back at him before she looked around one last time to impart the area to memory.

"Thank you Rabbi for your time and hospitality. We'll be sure to let you know when we've decided." Noah said, with a nod as he slipped his fingers from Margo's so he could slide his arm around her waist to pull her in close as they walked toward the front lawn. The Rabbi wished them well as they left the grounds, heading down Fraenkelufer Strasse. They had decided to make a loop on the last three and walk to each of their appointments since it was such a beautiful fall day. The sun was low in the horizon as they meandered down the sidewalk, enhancing the fall colors, their arms around each other.

Leaning down, Noah whispered softly into Margo's ear with a smile. "Ani ohev otach." He said in Hebrew, hugging her close as they walked.

"Ani ohevet otcha." Margo replied before moving to give him a brief kiss as they stopped at an intersection for a red light. She felt him deepen the kiss as he took advantage of the inability to cross due to traffic.

The sound of a car speeding up nearby broke their kiss as they both turned to look for the source of the noise. A white BMW slammed on it's brakes as it neared the intersection, a heavily tinted window rolled partway down as a barrel of an AK-47 appeared in the opening.

Noah grabbed Margo, pushing her to the ground and shielding her as a series of shots rang out from the car, the noise of the gunfire echoing throughout the streets and amplified by the dense population of buildings. As the car sped away, Margo got a glimpse of the man behind the gun, their blue eyes locking for a mere second, as the window rolled back up and the car accelerated.

"Noah?" She asked, his heavy, unmoving body draped over hers. "Noah?!" Margo felt a flood of panic course through her as she rolled her fiance off her, realizing she was covered in blood, as was he. She screamed for help as she got to her knees, noticing the bullet hole in his left upper chest, bright red blood spreading and staining his light blue shirt he was wearing. Blood was creeping out of the corner of his mouth as he moaned in pain.

"Stay with me." She pleaded, placing her hands over the wound, trying to apply pressure. "Ani ohevet otcha..." she repeated again in Hebrew before switching back to English. "Please...say with me..."

She could hear him trying to mumble something in Hebrew and she leaned down closer to hear him better, realizing after a second he was saying The Shema, a prayer traditionally said as last words. He knew he was going to die. The people rushing from nearby buildings to help were too late. His bloody hand moved up to cover hers as he continued to the next verse, gasping for breath, his words barely audible. She joined him in the prayer as she moved to lay one of her hands over his, squeezing it gently as tears escaped down her cheeks, tracing gruesome lines in his blood that had splattered on it. When he grew silent and his chest stopped heaving with ragged breaths, Margo continued the prayer to finish it, barely aware of the sound of sirens in the distance closing in. As hands from bystanders grabbed her arms to pull her away from Noah, checking to see if any of the blood she was covered in was hers, a gut wrenching scream of utter despair escaped from her lungs as the connection between her and her lover was broken and her world shattered into millions of pieces.

Her beloved Noah, the only man she had dared open up her heart to and had loved with all of her soul, had been assassinated in cold blood in front of her. By a bullet she realized could have been meant for her. Either way, the assassin and those who were associated with him had made a huge mistake leaving her alive. She would find them and she would kill them if it was the last thing she did.