A Fresh Start

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The recently recruited SDS Wraith Team is meeting each other and being transported to their new home.


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A Brief history of how characters were recruited into Specter Defense Services

Mission 01: Empty Quiver

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No missions found

Mission 1: Tallest Tower

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Sophia Moreno is the daughter of Isabella Moreno, local residents of Maljamar, New Mexico. As of 1447 hours ZULU, she has been kidnaped. Local authorities suspect one of the local drug cartels, but don’t know which one, and don’t have the resources to safely recover her. As of yet no demands have been made, which isn’t good for the victim. Your team will be inserted by Blackhawks, your Primary objective is to recover Sophia, Secondary Objective to raid the primary building and gather any Intel you can. Namely who kidnaped her, and why. Dispatch enemy combatants as you see fit. We will deal with the mess after.

Part of Mission 1: Tallest Tower

A New Beginning

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A newly formed team has a chance to wrap up their lives before embarking on a new mission.

Archive - Mission 02 - Operation: Rex Mortem

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Using intel gathered from the last operation, the head of the Los Corasrios Cartel has been located. SDS is being sent in to bring him in. If it’s in cuffs or a body bag is yet to be determined.

Mission 1: Tallest Tower - Aftermath

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For the team to relax after the last mission.

Part of Mission 1: Tallest Tower