The Sim

Welcome to Specter Defense Services, a Nova based Sim operating in Ascension Sims. This sim was created based on a want of a game that didn’t take place in the Future. While Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect and others are all fun, and it is often fun to write about being in these other worlds, sometimes some of us just want something different. There are games that happen closer to this time, an example being Stargate: New Worlds, but even this still has an entirely different element to them. Specter Defense Services takes place now, 2017, here on Earth.

SDS is about a small Mercenary Team. A Team of Black Ops Operatives that nobody knows exist. They take the jobs that nobody else can, do the things nobody else can do. While Governments stand by and watch atrocities happen, SDS moves in, and when SDS can’t handle it by normal means, they send us in.

- Simulation Name: Specter Defense Services (SDS)
- GM1: Dragon
- GM2: Margo
- Rating: M (Mature, 17+ ONLY)
- Format: Nova
- Sim Organization: Ascension Sims