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Lieutenant Sarah Barrett

Name Sarah Miri Barrett

Position Spotter | Wraith 3

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 30
Birthdate 19850119
Blood Type AB-
Nationality Israeli
Place of Orgin Ashdod, Israel

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 112 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey


Father David Barrett
Mother Mireille Barrett (Zamir)
Sister(s) Anitra Barrett
Rebekah Barrett
Family History David was a Civilian living in Tel Aviv attending Tel Aviv University when he met Mireille Zamir, the niece of former MOSSAD Director Zvi Zamir. Despite this, Mireille had decided to avoid Military Service based on Religion. In their third year David proposed to Mireille, she said yes, and the couple was married 2 weeks after Graduation.

Both went to work for Elta, part of Israel Aircraft Industries, and were able to make enough for a very comfortable life. 2 years later Sarah was born. She was an easy child to raise, and didn’t fuss much. As she grew, it became apparent she was eager to learn, and as soon as they were able, her parents put her in school.

Around the time she started 2nd grade, her first sister, Anitra, was born. Despite her young age Sarah did everything she could to help her mother with the new addition to the family. 3 years later, her youngest sister, Rebekah was born, and the family was complete. Sarah continued to help raise her younger siblings until she left for University.

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Movies

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Kidon - MOSSAD / Israel
Grade/Rank Rav Seren
Service Record 2005
- Conscripted into Israel Defense Force
- Recruited into Mista'arvim
- - Basic Infantry Training - Mitkan Adam Army Base
- - Advanced Infantry Training - Mitkan Adam Army Base

- Unit 217 Basic Training
- - Urban Navigation
- - Counter-Terrorism
- Mista'arvim Course
- - Arab Traditions
- - Arab Languages
- - Arab Way of Thought
- - Civilian Camoflage
- Sniper Course
- .50 Caliber Course
- Diving Course

- Classified, Counter-Terrorism Operations

- Offered Positions in Aman, Shin Bet, and Mossad, accepted transfer to Mossad

- Classified Operation for Mossad, believed to be part of the Kidon Unit

- Retired from Mossad, accepted position with SDS
Prior Service Awards Medal of Distinguished Service, Chief of Staff Medal of Appreciation, Head of Regional Command Citation, Campaign Ribbon - Second Lebanon War
Additional Service Information Upon graduation from University, Sarah was conscripted into the Israel Defense Force, as required by her Atuda program agreement. Her language skills in High School, along with her obvious intelligence, and her ability to manipulate those around her made her an obvious choice for the Mista’arvim. Not wanting a reluctant recruit, they made an offer and Sarah quickly accepted it.

She spent the next year and a half in training before she was finally assigned her first field assignment with the 217 Unit, nicknamed “Duvdevan”. While her specific operations are surprisingly well Classified, her rapid rank progression suggests she was extremely successful in her assignments.

To further this belief, in 2010 she was offered positions in the Directorate of Military Intelligence (Aman), Israel Security Agency (Shabak, or Shin Bet), as well as The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad). While all three opportunities interested her, she believed she could do better in an agency that operated internationally as opposed to just domestically.

Taking into account her extensive Counter-Terrorism Experience, it’s believed Mossad assigned her to Kidon Unit. She is believed to be responsible for at least 13 assassinations, the destruction of at least 4 terrorist cells, and for apprehending over 20 terrorists.

She was approached by a member of SDS, and offered a position in the Company, while she was interested, she didn’t believe Mossad would allow her to go. SDS contacted the Israeli Prime Minister and arranged for an Early Retirement.

Other Information

Educational Information 1990-1996 – Rabin Elementary School – Primary School (1st - 6th Grades)
1996-1999 – Ulpanat Zivia Middle School – Middle School (7th - 9th Grades)
1999-2002 – AMIT Bet Ashdod – High School (10th - 12th Grades
2002–2005 – University of Tel Aviv – Higher Education
- Bachelors of Science - Physics
- Master of Arts - Security and Diplomacy Studies

Sarah attended School in Ashdod, Israel, and maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout. Upon graduation of High School, she requested postponement of conscription into the Israeli Defense Force so that she could attend Tel Aviv University. Her High School GPA of 4.0 combined with scoring in the 98th percentile in the Psychometric Entrance Test contributed to her request being approved.

Attending University on an Academic Atuda program, she was able to receive both her Bachelors and Masters all paid for by the Israeli Military.
Specialties Long Range Weapons
Short-Mid Range Weapons
Close Quarters Combat
Hand-to-Hand Combat
- Land
- Urban
Terrorism Awareness
- Counter-Terrorism
- Free Fall
- Turkish
- Hebrew
- Greek
- Arabic
- - Modern Standard Arabic
- - Yemeni Arabic
- - Gulf Arabic
- - Gilit Mesopotamian
- - Hajazi Arabic
- - Western Syrian Arabic
- - Lebanese Arabic
- - Urban Palestinian
- - Rural Palestinian
- - Egyptian
- - Libyan Arabic
- - Tunisian
- - Algerian
- - Moroccan
- - Omani Arabic
- Spanish
- Dholuo
- Afrikaans
- Xhosa
- IsiZulu (Zulu)
- Oromo
- Amharic
- Kiswahili (Swahili)
- English