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Sunday February 7th, 2021 @ 3:37pm

Private Devon Brooks

Name Devon Brooks

Position Medical Specialist | Wraith 5

Rank Private

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 24
Blood Type A-
Nationality American
Place of Orgin Plattsburgh, NY

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Devon has the average girl next door looks. She describes herself a plain looking person, although some might argue that. Keeps her hair and her fingernails short, she claims it’s so she doesn’t have to worry about making them look pretty. Her body build is more of a oval shape than anything else even though she is religious in her physical training and has well defined muscle mass. She has a small tattoo of a hummingbird, low on her right hip in honor of her mother.


Spouse None
Father GSGT Matthew Brooks - Retired
Mother Deborah Leheay - Deceased
Family History The circumstances of her birth were tragic, a head on collision with a drunk driver while her father was on deployment. Her mother was rushed to a hospital where Devon was born through C-section moments before her mother succumbed to her injuries. She was named Devon because her Father had mistakenly been informed he’d had a son and by the time he returned stateside he didn’t see the point in changing it.
Devon grew up as a military brat, often having to deal with her father’s deployments which required her to stay with other families.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Devon tends to shy away from any long lasting personal ‘entanglements’ with men. She is more focused on her career. For her, family is an obstacle that should be avoided. She spent her entire life in and around military bases so this is where she is most comfortable. At times she seems a bit distant to those she works with. In her mind she is protecting herself from getting emotionally involved and there by protecting those who she is charged with taking care of.
Strengths & Weaknesses Devon tries to keep up with the newest trauma procedures and constantly takes refresher courses on the other less frequent parts of the job, like dentistry or veterinarian medicine. She is always on alert for possible non-combat threats, such as tainted water supplies, especially when out in the field.
Ambitions Her main ambition is to take care of those who are entrusted into her care. After that, she will leave it to a higher authority.
Hobbies & Interests Devon likes to relax with a sketchbook. Drawing whatever attracts her attention at that particular moment helps her destress and focus.

Service History

Most Recent Military Service 66th Rescue Squadron, Nellis AFB
Grade/Rank PVT
Service Record Joined USAF -
Basic Military Training: 8 weeks Lackland AFB
Air Force Special Warfare Prep Course: 8 weeks Lackland AFB
Special Warfare Assessment and Selection Course: 4 weeks Lackland AFB
Special Warfare Pre-Dive Course: 4 weeks Lackland AFB
Special Warfare Combat Dive School: 5 weeks Panama City, FL
Army Airborne School: 5 weeks Fort Benning, GA
Military Freefall Course: 5 weeks Yuma, AZ
SERE Training: 3 weeks Fairchild AFB
Pararescue EMT-B Course: 7 weeks Kirtland AFB
Pararescue EMT-P Course: 30 weeks Kirtland AFB
Pararescue Apprentice Course: 22 weeks Kirtland AFB

Assigned to 66th Rescue Squadron, Nellis AFB - 2018
Transferred Spectre Defense Services - 2021

Other Information

Educational Information Basic Training
Basic Life support
Trauma Care
Veterinarian Care

Jump school
Water rescue techniques
Specialties combat medical care