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Colonel Margo Vincent

Name Margo Vincent

Position Intelligence Specialist | Wraith 1

Second Position Team Leader | Wraith 1

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 37
Birthdate 19770623
Blood Type O+
Nationality US Citizen
Place of Orgin Bucharest, Romania

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 134
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description No tattoos, average body build


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dimitry Alexandrescu
Mother Helena Alexandrescu
Brother(s) Father John Alexandrescu
Family History Born Margo Vincentino Alexandrescu, in the People's Republic of Romania shortly after the despotic Nicolae Ceausescu assumed control. Though Margo's parents were of the privileged class, being professionals (mother a physician, father a physicist) they were never members of the communist party. Her father never applied for party membership and Romanian intelligence began to be suspicious of him. When she was barely five years old, her parents decided that they had finally had enough of their repressive homeland. Her brother John, who was seven years her elder, was forcibly drafted into the Romanian Army at the age of 12 and the danger her family faced refusing to align with the Communist party led to them fleeing with little more than a dozen gold coins and the clothes on their backs, the family embarked on a dangerous Black Sea exodus to Turkey, then to Israel, and eventually to the United States of America.

Most recently, Margo discovered her brother, John, was no longer in Romania, but now living in Italy as a Catholic Priest. She's had limited contact with him since discovering his whereabouts after more than 30 years, only a couple of letters and a phone call, mostly due to her worry about disappointing him if he found out she is a trained spy and killer since he is a man of the cloth now.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Margo is close to her family and was raised to be independent. She excelled in every school she attended, skipping numerous grades and graduating quite early. She had few friends in high school because of her age and was quite insecure and compensated by becoming fiercely competitive in athletics. During most of high school she was one of the tallest girls in her class and in order to fit in better she would tell her classmates she was older than she really was. Just as she was starting to fit in and make friends in high school she graduated and found herself in college and starting all over.

Again she concentrated on her studies and athletics and because of her looks people assumed she was much older than she was. Athletics and family support helped her gain an early maturity and focus. She avoided romantic relationships fearing they would reveal her immaturity. In reality, subject was probably as mature as her peers in college but she was still insecure about her age. She received more than her share of attention from young men in school but remained aloof from most suitors.

Margo was quite surprised at the CIA's recruiting approach. She inherited her parent's anti-communism sentiments and accepted a job. She found her work with the CIA quite fulfilling and fascinating and found she excelled in operational assignments. Her evaluation reports from her supervisors have always been outstanding.

The death of her fiancee was the crucial point of her life. He was the first man she gave her heart to and was devastated by his loss. She was transferred back to Langley and a desk job but grew frustrated. CIA psychologists recommended against sending her to the field but she was able to get reassigned anyway. Once in the field she began to take unnecessary risks in operations and for a time was extremely successful. Her immediate supervisors began to feel they were loosing control of her at the same time they discovered she was attempting to track down her fiancee's murderer. She was reassigned back to Langley but resigned instead.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys sports, particularly volleyball, softball and running. Also enjoys shopping and has amassed quite a clothing collection. Margo has befriended a German clothing designer, who makes her custom clothes and handbags to conceal her weapons.

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Central Intelligence Agency
Grade/Rank GS-14
Service Record Recruited at the age 20 by the CIA, Margo Vincent trained and eventually deployed as a case officer with the Operations Directorate in Germany for her first assignment. She conducted numerous classified intelligence operations throughout Europe and the Middle East, specializing in intelligence gathering and anti-terrorist activities. After the death of her fiancé, she was transferred back to Langley and worked as an analyst at the Intelligence Directorate for a year before being trained as a cryptographic and intercept officer. After a couple of years of desk work, she requested and was granted another field assignment, this time going to Moscow. She began to take unnecessary risks in operations and for a time, was extremely successful. Her immediate supervisors began to feel they were losing control of her at the same time they discovered she was attempting to track down her fiancée's murderer. She was reassigned once more to Langley, but resigned instead.

Attaining her Master's Degree, she began to be approached by various agencies to do short, classified intelligence gathering contracts and operations. She performed contracts for the State Department, CIA, NSA, and DIA. She was also approached and accepted contract work for private US corporations and arraigned classified arms transfers between US government and third parties. She found her contacts here started to provide her the intelligence she had been seeking on her fiancée's murder.

The years passed had helped to heal the pain slightly and her hidden agenda began to be pursued with more control and less emotion. As she dealt more arms in the illegal and shadowy black market, she began to lose her contract jobs with the US government. She also began to lose her funding for her personal mission. She began to pick up more private corporation contracts but with these she found she was losing the intelligence connections necessary for her private mission. She found herself in a no win situation and found employment with SDS would hopefully provide opportunities to continue her personal agenda.

Other Information

Educational Information Northwestern University Bachelor's of Science
George Washington University Master's Degree
Case Officer Operations Course - 8 months | Camp Perry, VA
Personal Security in High Risk Operations - 2 weeks | Camp Perry, VA
Interrogation Techniques - 3 weeks | Camp Perry, VA
Anti-Terrorism Operations - 4 weeks | Langley, VA
Cryptographic Analysis - 9 weeks | Langley, VA
Intercept Officer Operations - 8 weeks | Langley, VA
Specialties Languages:

Romanian 4/4
German 3/3
Spanish 3/2+
Italian 3/3
Hebrew 2+/2+
Arabic 2/2+
Russian 2/2
Personal History Settling down on the eastern seaboard, Margo attended school and typically became a typical American girl, playing sports and excelling at school work. She also discovered a passion for learning other languages and a real ear for dialect. Through hard work, she graduated high school a year early, and attended Northwestern, where her academics, gift for language and maturity drew the interest of C.I.A. recruiters.

While stationed in Germany with the CIA, Margo met Noah, an Israeli MOSSAD officer. They became engaged, however he was killed while they were looking at synagogues for the wedding. The murder remains unsolved, but it is believed to have been operationally related.