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Major Robert White

Name Robert James White

Position Sniper | Wraith 2

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 32
Birthdate 07/18/1986
Blood Type O+
Nationality American
Place of Orgin Montana, US

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 197lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, and in good physical shape. No tattoos or scars.


Father James White (Deceased)
Mother Juliet White (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

Service History

Most Recent Military Service USMC
Grade/Rank Private
Service Record Joined USMC at 18
Graduated with highest marks from Boot Camp
Graduated with highest marks from School of Infantry
Graduated with highest marks from Scout Sniper School
Recruited by CIA Black Program out of Sniper School, Officially declared by USMC to be a deserter.
Additional Service Information Roberts talents were recognized early on in his Marine Corps training. He moved through boot and SOI with no problems and managed to catch the eye of a CIA recruiter. Due to his skills shown off during training, he was allowed to go to Scout Sniper School straight out of SOI, unbeknownst to him, this was also due to his CIA recruiter. He was one of the best snipers in the school and managed to secure several school records during his time there. Before he received assignment for his first duty station, he was approached by John Smith, who identified himself as a federal agent, and wanted to talk to him. The interview went on for hours.

Finally, he was escorted to a car, then a helicopter, a plane, another car, and finally to a facility somewhere in the woods. He wasn’t sure where exactly. He felt like they’d purposefully disoriented him. What followed was 4 years of the most intense program he could imagine. He was trained in both body and mind. He lost count of the numerous fighting styles he’d learned. Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Taekwondo, Aikido, Sayokan, Muay Thai, Tomoi, Sambo, many more he didn’t know the name of, his instructor always reminded him, if your under cover as a Russian, but you fight as an American, you’ve already failed. For every style of fighting he was taught, it seemed like he was taught 3 languages and 15 variations on the same language. Lessons morning, noon and night. He was taught to operate with little sleep or food. Classes happening at any time. Sleep deprivation exercises lasting days. By the time he graduated, he couldn’t list everything he’d learned.

He’d become the perfect operative for the CIA, though he’d never been officially hired by them. Growing up with the Militia, there were very few records of his childhood. He had no driver’s license of his own. The only known image of him was from when he was 2 and his father took him away. His name was common enough it’d be nearly impossible to track him by it. The only records that actually existed in his name were his Marine records, and all they showed was he’d enlisted, but went UA sometime after SOI. CIA saw too it the image in that file was wrong. He was a ghost, he can be dropped anywhere, and blend in perfectly.

He was sent deep cover, his average assignment lasting years. He would use his ability to read people, and his experience from the training program to get into an organization, rise through the ranks, and destroy it from the inside, all without drawing unwanted attention to himself, usually leaving at least one fall guy in his wake to take the brunt of the reprisal.

Other Information

Personal History His parents met in University, his father was very outspoken about the corruption in the US government, and his mother was impressed by his passion. They quickly fell in love and things went great for a the first few years. Juliet gave birth to a healthy young boy named for her father, and her husband. However, things started taking a turn for the worse when James started getting involved with a shady crowd and wanted to move up to their compound in the Mountains. Juliet refused, and begged him not to go. It took a while, but he finally agreed that he’d stay, and they’d try to work it out. The next morning James was gone and so was their son Robert.

It took months, but a judge finally granted her full custody of Robert James, their son, but first she had to get him back. She didn’t know where the compound was, and it was far from a unique idea to build a self-sufficient community in the mountains of Montana. She searched for years before finally she got a break. Someone matching her husband’s description had been spotted in a small town about 3 hours north of her.

James joined the ranks of the True Patriots Guard and his zeal allowed him to move up the ranks quickly. He raised his son to see all the falsehoods the government tried to push, and to always read between the lines. Often what wasn’t said spoke more than what was. These lessons taught Robert how to read people extremely well. He taught himself how to manipulate people through this reading. By 12 he could have given any “psychic” a run for their money. He also was taught to live off the land. He spent days in the woods at a time, hunting his own food, or eating plants that he knew were safe, as well as occasionally other things. By 10 he was an expert hunter with a rifle, by 12 he could also hunt with a bow. He never liked the compound bows favored by some of the hunters, he figured too much could go wrong, He stuck with a simple recurve bow. By 15 he’d become so adept at stealth, that he could get close enough to hunt most prey with a knife. He knew how to approach silently, how to mask his scent, how to blend into his environment. By 16 he’d started spending weeks at a time in the woods stalking not only animals, but other humans, not to kill them, just to see how long he could follow without being detected.

On his 17th birthday he passed his final test and attained his High School Diploma. While the TPG didn’t like the government, they did acknowledge that education was important, so encouraged the children in their ‘community’ to at least get through High School. After that, was what could have been a much harder test. The TPG liked to blindfold their new members and leave them a few days walk out in the woods. If you managed to make it back to the compound, you were viewed worthy. Robert James had basically been doing that for fun for years now and was back in the compound 4 days after being left in the woods. Most ‘recruits’ worry about food, and water, as well as how to find their way back. Robert didn’t need to worry about that. He knew there were at least a half dozen ways he could find his way back. The simplest was via simple tracking. The ones that dropped him off didn’t do a very good job of hiding their tracks. He could navigate by the stars, he could find the river and use it to guide him back, he could climb a tree and get his bearings. In the end, he decided to take a couple days to just enjoy himself before heading back.

Later that same year, things got tense when they started noting a lot of Sherriff vehicles patrolling near them. Finally, one afternoon, their gate to the compound was approached by a woman, and 4 Sherriff’s, there were at least two-dozen farther back. The woman announced that her name was Juliet White and she was there to take back her son. The TPG really didn’t care about the family squabbles, but would be damned if they would let those ‘pigs’ in. Nobody could really say how it got started. The official report states that one of the guards on the gate got jumpy and fired a shot. Hot lead was exchanged for only a few minutes, but in that time 12 of the Deputies had been shot, 10 of the Militia including James, and 1 civilian, Juliet. Robert suddenly found himself without blood family. He surrendered himself to the Deputies having no legal guardian and was put in the foster care system.

He didn’t remain there long; he was almost 18. He used his mother’s laptop and started piecing together what actually happened so many years ago when his father took him into the Mountains. By the time he was done, he was so upset with his father, all he could think about was doing something that would have wounded him as deep as he wounded his mother. The next day he went out and joined the United States Marine Corps.