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Private Kelsi Becker

Name Kelsi Leanne Becker

Position Weapons Specialist | Wraith 8

Rank Private

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 35
Birthdate 19811112
Blood Type O-
Nationality American
Place of Orgin Denver, Co - USA

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 98 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blond / Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slim but firm body. Attractive Features. No Tattoos, No Scars.


Father Michael Becker
Mother Jennifer Becker
Other Family Esposito Family
Family History Kelsi was born to a small poor family in Denver. Her father tended to drink and get abusive to both her and her mother, and her mother tended to let it happen just to avoid getting beat further. Kelsi did everything she could to stay out of the way and try to improve her own life.

At the age of 15, Kelsi spent a lot of time at a coffee shop down the street from where she lived. Her home life wasn’t very pleasant, so she tried to spend as much time as she could there. An attractive girl who looked older than she was, she was often engaged by young men of the area. She would always turn them down and return to her studies. She noticed a man who always had the same table, and everyone seemed to know to avoid that table if he wasn’t in it. He was always extremely well dressed and everyone seemed to respect or fear him.
Sometimes both.

One afternoon a customer whom she’d turned down many times before decided he’d had enough, and was going to have her attentions if she wanted to give them or not. He made his usual pitch, which was rejected pro forma, and that’s when the trouble began. He tried to force her to leave with him. She struggled, and just when all seemed hopeless the man was pulled off her. Kelsi fell and hit her head, but she remembered seeing a very expensive suit holding the man against the wall and saying something about learning to respect women. Just before she blacked out, two other suits took the man out back to teach him a lesson.

She woke up to her father yelling at someone, but was surprised to realize she wasn’t at home. That was quickly going to change as he burst into her room and yanked her out of bed by her arm, yelling at her for wasting people time. They’d just made it to the door, her mother was waiting for them with the same blank look she usually had when her father was on a tear. As usual she looked fine, but you could just see the wince when she stood. The hidden limp as she walked.

Things seemed to be returning to normal.

Her father wouldn’t let her return to the coffee shop after that. But the man in the suit started to get curious. He showed up on their front door about a week after the incident. Kelsi’s mother answered the door, and despite the obvious signs to the contrary, insisted everything was fine. From the back of the house her father’s voice could be heard yelling about how worthless Kelsi was. This was enough for the suit, who forced his way into the house and followed the sound of the voice. He entered Kelsi’s room just in time to see her father about to swing a bat at her. He grabbed the tool of America’s past time, and was reminded of when it was a tool of his trade as well. “Enough.” He said in a rather cool but forceful voice. Her father turned and took a swing, but as he did the suit just wasn’t there anymore. Her Father tried again and connected, but not with the suit.

You know that beautiful sound made when a bat and a baseball connect, the ball pops off the back, and the crack can be heard through the entire stadium?

This was nothing like that.

Apparently when knuckles collide with a bat it makes a crunching yet squishy sound. Her father screamed in a combination of pain and rage. The Suit jabbed him in the ribs with the bat then smacked the back of his knee. No permanent damage would be done… except to maybe the knuckles. Kelsi’s father fell to his knees. The suit grabbed his good arm and wrenched it behind his back. “I’ve had enough of this… This is a good girl, and all she seems to get is poor treatment. If I ever so much as suspect you’ve abused her or her mother again, I will burn this house to the ground with you still inside it. Capisce?” Her father struggled for a moment longer than just nodded. The suit let him go and left, keeping the bat.

Home life only slightly improved for Kelsi after that, but she never forgot the incident. Soon she was back at the coffee shop, where the suit, who she learned was named Nunzio (the man wearing the suit, not the suit itself… who’d name a suit?) took a new interest in her. He never pushed himself on her, or seemed romantically interested it was more like a Paternal interest. She learned through questions and simply listening that he was part of the Italian Mob. By the time Kelsi had her 15th birthday, he was offering her small delivery jobs to help her earn extra money. Nothing illegal, he refused to let her take any risk, mostly delivering notes to members of the family, things that meant nothing unless you knew what they were.

Kelsi continued helping him out throughout High School. She’d learned to deal with the constant verbal abuse by her father, and her life seemed to have improved as he was apparently scared to lay a finger on her. Between that, and the money she made helping Nunzio, she found she was actually happy some of the time.

Apparently more than anything, this upset her father. One the eve of her 17th birthday, she awoke to a thud. She cautiously opened her door to find her mother on the floor bleeding from a head injury, and her father looking furious holding a pipe. He took a swing on only just missed Kelsi. He stumbled, over the body of her mother, and slipped in the blood. He stumbled and hit his head on the door jam. Kelsi released him of the pipe and before she knew what she was doing, had hit him over the head with it. He fell to the floor and remained motionless.

Kelsi wasn’t sure what to do. She couldn’t live with this anymore… besides, she was almost positive she might have just killed her father. Her mother was pale, and really wasn’t any better. She might have never hit her, but she never did anything to stop it either. Moments later there was a gas explosion and the house was engulfed in flames. The Fireman would later tell her she’d been lucky. Being that close to the window, she’d been blown out of the house instead of killed in the fire as her parents had been. The position of the bodies had been cause for some suspicion. But the investigation would later conclude that the Father had loosened the gas line to the water heater, and set something in the toaster oven, with the intent of letting it set of the gas. He then went to kill his wife and daughter, but didn’t expect the house to go up as fast as it did.

Kelsi, with the help of Nunzio could file for Emancipation. Nunzio set her up in a small apartment not far from the school so she could finish her diploma. Shortly after Graduation, she asked Nunzio for a job. He expressed concern, but finally relented on the condition that she would attend college, she could pick her major as long as she minored in accounting. Finally, Kelsi had found her way into a family that seemed to genuinely care for her.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kelsi had a hard life growing up, and learned various ways to cope with it. She’s also learned that an attractive woman can tend to be preyed upon, and this is the easiest way to put herself in a position of power is to let others think she is weaker than she is. She has learned to play the part when she needs to, and assert herself when it’s convenient. She can be very friendly, but if she feels threatened, she’ll do whatever she needs to do to protect herself and her future.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kelsi is very much a people person, both by choice and necessity. She’s an expert at finding people in hiding, and at getting information she needs. She has many methods at her disposal for this, and she’s always had an uncanny ability to know which method is the right one. He’s a great listener and her innocent looks causes most people to tend to trust her.

However, her upbringing and lifestyle have also left her with serious trust issues. She might work with the same person for years, and still spend a lot of time expecting them to turn on her.
Ambitions Survive, make a living, and get herself into a position where nobody will ever be a threat to her again.
Hobbies & Interests Kelsi like horses, riding, grooming, just being around them. When she can’t do that, she likes to do dangerous things. Racing anything fast she can get her hands on, riding motorcycles, occasionally a good bar fight.

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Esposito Family
Grade/Rank Caporegime
Service Record * Became an Associate of the Family while still in High School.
* Brought into the Family as a Soldier 2 days after Graduation.
* Performed as a Soldier for 5 years.
---> Specialized in Intelligence, Interrogation, and Locating People Who Didn’t Want to be found.
* Promoted to Caporegime (Only Female). Given a special crew with the job of locating dangers to the Family, and taking care of them.
Prior Service Awards Various Bonuses for Special Services to the Family.
Additional Service Information Brought officially into the Family as one of the few Female Soldiers shortly after graduating High School. The Family paid to send her to College, with the intent of bringing her in as an Accountant. After College, she did as expect, and did it well, finding a number of ways to increase the size of the Family Coffers, including a number of legal ways that also had the side effect of laundering money. It became apparent she was capable of so much more when a Mexican Gang tried to rob a front business she was auditing. They took out the Soldiers guarding it in their opening shots, and apparently expected her to cower in fear. Instead she dropped to the floor and relieved the closest Soldier of his weapon. A nicely made Sig Sauer 1911. Combat Grips, Compensator, night sights. She really didn’t know what all that was, but she knew enough to know which end was dangerous and how to fire it. She came back over the counter startling the Mexicans. They quickly seemed to have something else enter their minds. Though it wasn’t there for long. She raised the pistol and fired. 6 shots, two for each. 5 hits. The Mexicans dropped like rocks.

This incident proved she had a knack for firearms, and after a lot of begging, she was soon given jobs beyond crunching the numbers. She had a talent for wet work, and seemed to have an uncanny ability to find people who were in hiding. Curious, Nunzio decided to accompany her on a job one night to see how she did it, and realized that her knack for finding people was only out done by her knack for interrogation. She seemed to know exactly how to get her targets to talk. After 4 years of never failing an assignment, she was contacted by the Family Consigliere. Her talents were serving Nunzio well. Now the Family wanted them made available to the Boss. She was promoted to Caporegime (Capo) and told to select a crew.

It took her almost a month to find the right crew, but once she did they proved to be extremely effective to the point that even Law Enforcement seemed hell bent to stay out of their way. They never failed to complete an assignment, and through their efforts helped the Family not only solidify their hold on the area, but push into new areas.

However, no good deed goes unpunished. The Capo Bastone started to get concerned that she might be bucking for his job. It was unheard of to have a Woman Underboss, but she had already proven herself time and time again. It took him most of his fortune, and a lot of effort, but finally he’d managed to make it look like Kelsi was embezzling from the Family. He delivered his evidence to the Boss, and within hours a price had been put on her head. It seemed she was doomed never to have a family she could trust.

Other Information

Educational Information Denver Green School: K-8th
Denver Justice High School: 9th-12th

University of Denver
-Bachelor of Arts - Criminology
-Bachelor of Science - Accounting

Aspen University Online:
- Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
- Specialization of Major Crime Investigation Procedure
Specialties Interrogation
Intelligence Gathering
Weapons (All Kinds)
Intelligence Gathering
Weapons (All Kinds)