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Private Sonya Stabler

Name Sonya Stabler

Position Engineering Specialist | Wraith 7

Rank Private

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 36
Birthdate 4/12/81
Blood Type B+
Nationality Canadian
Place of Orgin Ottawa

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 140
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sonya is athletically built, owing to her time as part of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, as well as her time playing various sports throughout life.


Father Phil
Mother Jill
Sister(s) Olivia, Age 32
Other Family Nephew Stanley, age 10
Niece Jasmine, age 7

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outspoken, tends to be upfront about her feelings on matters that she knows well. Can be a bit confrontational when she feels her knowledge of a subject is being questioned. Able to make people feel at ease around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses extremely knowledgeable with various machine intelligence languages and circuitry engineering.

Has a tendency to be overconfident in her abilities, which can lead to simple mistakes
Hobbies & Interests coding machine and AI intelligence for projects
board gaming
running in competitive races (eg: Spartan Race)
Big Ottawa Senators fan

Service History

Most Recent Military Service CSIS
Service Record 2005: joined the CSIS Academy program, graduated later that year

2006-2013: Field operative for the European and Middle East region of CSIS. Intercepted computer codes, de-crypted information, assisted in recognizing new threats from electrical devices.

2013-2017: Manager in charge of sub operations for Eastern Europe, targeted and evaluated threats toward Canadian Interested abroad from former Soviet states.
Additional Service Information certified for basic C4 explosive operations
top secret clearance for CSIS
certified in combat rifle usage, preferred Colt C8A3
certified in side arm usage, preferred P225/P6
Fluent in Farsi, Turkish, and Ajerbaijani

Other Information

Educational Information Bachelor of Applied Science - Electrical Engineering, BS Computing Technology (University of Ottawa) - 2003
Masters of Applied Science Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Ottawa) - 2005
Specialties Specializes in electrical/computer systems and machine intelligence and integrated circuits. Can program computer systems and bypass electrical subsystems as required. Has acquired skills that allow for basic demolitions. Able to field repair and jury rig many electrical and computer systems in the field.
Personal History In 2017, Sonya was on duty when she received orders from higher up in CSIS that there was going to be an attack on a Canadian Consulate in Eastern Europe, and to let it proceed. She watched in real time as the attack was carried out, leading to a large increase in security presence and special forces operations by Canadian Military in former Soviet states and the Middle East. She grew disenfranchised by this, and turned in her resignation a few months after the attack, knowing she had been barred by orders to prevent it from happening.