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Private Brett Tanner

Name Brett Mason Tanner

Position Vehicle Specialist | Wraith 4

Rank Private

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 31
Birthdate 19850407
Blood Type AB-
Nationality American
Place of Orgin Riverside, Ca - USA

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 182 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Scar - Lower Back
Scar - Upper Right Arm


Father Garth Tanner
Mother Jackie Lynn Tanner
Brother(s) Richard Tanner
Steven Tanner
Sister(s) Teresa Tanner
Sandra Tanner
Stephanie Tanner
Family History Growing up as the oldest of 6 kids helped Brett to learn responsibility. He was 5 years older than his next sibling and only 10 years older than the youngest. With the large number of kids running around, his parents often relied on him to help them keep everyone safe and together. His father worked for a bank, while his mother stayed home to take care of the family. While they never had much, his father worked hard to ensure they had enough.

Personality & Traits

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Private Contractor - National Security Agency
Grade/Rank N/A
Service Record *Classified*
Prior Service Awards *Classified*
Additional Service Information Formerly of the Shadow Walkers (unofficial name of the team, team has no official title or name)

The Shadow Walkers are a team of highly trained Black Operatives who are officially part of no government, but unofficially report only to the Director of the National Security Agency. The Shadow Walkers official objective is to gather intelligence critical to National Security by any means necessary, and if time is critical, deal with any threats to the nation revealed by said intel.

Other Information