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Corporal Franz Huber

Name Franz Huber

Position Communications Specialist | Wraith 6

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 39
Birthdate 19760715
Blood Type AB+
Nationality German
Place of Orgin Germany

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic Body build
scar across left palm
bullet scar under arm


Spouse Inge
Children Veronika - Age 9
Jan - Age 5
Father Hugo
Mother Katharina

Personality & Traits

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Bundeswehr
Service Record Franz Huber enlisted into the German Military (Bundeswehr) at age 18, opting to join the communications and telecom MOS. He had shown an aptitude for electronics and communications ever since he had been young, and figured this would be a natural extension of his abilities. After basic training, and earning the rank of Schutze. He attended communications school, which was an in depth regimen on various communications systems used throughout the world. He graduated at the top of his class, and earned the rank of Gefreiter.

Franz joined his first unit, one of the many that had been created from the West German Bundeswehr and East German Nationale Volksarmee. It was here that he started picking up different languages, such as Russian, Czech, and Slovak. His unit was deployed to Bosnia as part of the United Nations Protection Force. They assisted with the peace keeping mission mandated by the UN in Bosnia, but were replaced by NATO missions instead in 1995. He saw limited action in his role, as he was stationed at the various bases around the country that the UN had set up. Franz started honing his linguistic skills in Slovak during this time, and became interested in learning more, as he learned he could quickly learn languages. During his time there, he was promoted to Hauptgefreiter, owing to his specialization in communications equipment and languages.

In 1997, Franz was promoted to the rank of Oberstabsgefreiter, and was moved to Rammstein Air Force Base to assist with translation of Russian communications. This lead Franz to think about applying for the newly formed Kommando Specialkrafte (KSK) once he was a non-com, as they only allowed non-coms and commissioned officers in. He began an intense training regimen to prepare. In 1999, Huber attained the rank of Stabsunteroffizier, and immediately applied for the KSK, and went to the Bundeswehr Commando Course (Einzelkampferiehrgang). Here he learned SERE skills, and became instructor certified in communications and electronics. Franz also learned guerrilla warfare, and small unit tactics. He successfully completed the advanced course, and was allowed to participate in the selection process. He managed to pass the final, three month long endurance phase, which has a pass rate of 8% to 10%. Franz began his 2 year training cycle with the KSK, learning counter-terrorism, jungle, desert, urban, arctic, and mountainous combat, guerrilla warfare, and ambush tactics. During this time, he was awarded various medals for accuracy with firearms, linguistics, and communications. He became proficient in Albanian and Greek as well. He also earned certifications in Serbian as well. This allowed him to realize what his full potential was.

Just after his training ended, terrorists attacked the United States on September 11th, 2001. His unit, which was part of the 1st Platoon, was called up to aid in Northern Afghanistan with training tribal entities, and provide back up for the attack on the Taliban. Franz’s unit earned praise from their American Delta counterparts, as they repelled a counter attack by the Taliban, supporting the Afghan Tribal leaders. Franz was wounded by a stray AK bullet that punctured his leg, necessitating his evacuation to a US Naval vessel in the Persian Gulf 10 days after the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. Once he was stabilized, he was transported to the US Naval Base located in Saudi Arabia for further recovery. During this time he was promoted to Oberfeldwebel.

Once he recovered, Franz was sent back to Germany for additional training, and to regain his physical form that he had lost while injured. In 2004, he was sent into Albania as part of a counter terrorism sweep in the area, where Germany had received credible threats against the homeland. They took out a terrorist cell, without any casualties. In 2006, Franz was sent back into Afghanistan, where he was part of a unified push to eliminate a Taliban stronghold near the border of Pakistan in the North East part of the country. His team came under heavy small arms fire, resulting in 3 KIAs, and 5 wounded. Franz helped repel the enemy advance, including getting hit in his flak jacket by a bullet, while waiting for evac. He was awarded the Gold Cross of Honour for Outstanding Deeds for his actions, along with other members of his unit. He was also promoted to Haptfeldwebel, and became the second most senior enlisted in his unit.

In 2009, Franz was again sent to Afghanistan, as part of the ISAF troop buildup. His unit was sent to the north east region of Afghanistan once again. They took part during the summer of 2009 in rooting out Taliban cells in the Hindu Kush Mountains, before they became impassable in the winter. They received word that a US Delta Force unit was under heavy attack, and went to their aid. The individuals in his unit was awarded the Bronze Star by the US Army. At the end of his unit’s operations in 2010 in Afghanistan, Franz was promoted to Stabsfeldwebel at the end of this.

Returning to Germany as part of his unit’s cycle back, Franz inquired into becoming a KSK instructor. His superiors felt this would be of great asset to the KSK, as he would bring actual field experience in front line communications and combat to potential trainees. He has continued to train new recruits for the past 5 years, and impart his knowledge to the younger generation.
Prior Service Awards Combat Action Medal of the Bundeswehr
German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency
NATO Medal
German Armed Forces Deployment Medal
Parachutist Badge
Commando Badge
Schützenschnur in Gold

Other Information

Specialties Weapons
H&K G36
Hand to Hand
Close Quarters Combat
Guerrilla Warfare
Ambush Tactics
Counter Terrorism
First Aid
SERE Trained