Major Eva Quinn

Name Eva Nuala Quinn

Position Chief Intelligence Officer | Graveyard 2

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 35
Birthdate 19790505
Blood Type AB+
Nationality Irish
Place of Orgin Dundalk, Ireland

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue


Father Terrence MacManus Quinn (Alive - Dundalk, Ireland)
Mother Abbi Caitlin Quinn (Mulcahy) (Alive - Dundalk, Ireland)
Family History Only daughter to Terrence MacManus Quinn (Descendent of Terrence Bellew MacManus), and Abbi Caitlín Quinn (Mulcahy) (Descendant of Richard Mulcahy). Eva seemed to have rebellion in her blood. Terrence was a soldier in the Provisional Irish Republican Army, while Abbi worked in a field hospital. Despite being born, and spending a good deal of her life in Dundalk, her father was officially stationed in Lisburn. While her parents hoped she would have a more peaceful life then they had, it just didn’t seem to be in the cards and despite their misgivings, at the age of 16 she followed her father and joined the IRA.

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Eva has been known to not only start a good bar room brawl, but finish them as well. Her looks deceive most men into believing her to be more helpless than she is, and she uses that to her advantage. When that doesn’t work, she’s always found her self-defense skills to be more than adequate.

Aside from a good brawl, Eva also enjoys drinking, laughing, joking, and watching auto-racing, and American football.

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Provisional Irish Republican Army
Grade/Rank O-3
Service Record 1996
- Joined the Provisional Irish Republican Army
- Assigned as Transport Officer for Commander Maguire
- PIRA signed Cease Fire, continued duties as Transport Officer
- Sent for training as a Helicopter Pilot
- Continuing to honor the Cease Fire, Platoon re-organizes
- Sent for Fixed Wing Pilot Training
- Unofficial Activities
- Provisional IRA disarms
- General Discharge
Prior Service Awards Good Conduct Medal, Service Medal, Military Star
Additional Service Information Eva followed her father’s footsteps and joined the Provisional IRA as soon as she could. Her father would not let her join until she completed school, so she worked hard and completed it early, graduating a year early with a 3.0 GPA. Upon joining, she wasn’t trusted to be capable of doing much, so she was taught how to drive most of the vehicles used by the IRA, and was assigned to the local commander as a driver.

As time went on, she proved to have a knack for operation of most vehicles. On a hunch, Commander Maguire sent her to receive training, and her license to fly helicopters, and as he expected, she was a natural pilot, doing things with the helicopters that most thought impossible. The next year she was sent for similar training as a Fixed Wing pilot and again proved to be a natural. She found she greatly enjoyed being behind the controls of a number of different aircraft.

With the cease fire in effect, the platoon soon found it had too much time on their hands. It wasn’t long before they became more akin to an organized crime syndicate than a paramilitary unit. Eva was used as a getaway driver on many of these “missions” and is believed to have assisted in at least 37 of these.

By the time it became obvious what was happening the platoon had grown too strong, and the PIRA was content to leave them to their own devices. As the PIRA was disarmed, they discharged the entire platoon, leaving them to do as they pleased as Civilians.

Eva was content with her life until one trip returning from Africa, she discover the aircraft she was flying contained human cargo. They’d just crossed the one line she wouldn’t. After a disagreement with her Commander, she left, and paid to have herself smuggled to the US. The body of her Commander was found 3 weeks later, and 24 hours later she had a price on her head.

Once in the US she soon became a driver for higher, occasionally piloting Helicopters or Planes for the right price. She continued this, as well as learning the smuggler / gun running trades until early 2014, when a Federal Sting Operation captured her and her aircrew. She spent the next 6 months awaiting trial.

Other Information

Educational Information Homeschooled
- Primary
- Junior Cycle
- Senior Cycle

Kaplan University
- Bachelor of Science in Fire Science
Specialties Piloting
- Fixed Wing
- Rotary Wing
- Fixed Wing
- Rotary Wing
- Light Vehicle
- Heavy Vehicle
- Marine Vehicles
- Marine Vehicles
- Light Vehicles
- Off-Road Vehicles
- Heavy Vehicles
- Goidelic
- - Modern Irish
- - Scottish Gaelic
- - Manx
- Shelta
- Polish
- French
- Spanish
- English