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Field Commander Garrett Alder

Name Garrett Alder

Position Commanding Officer | Graveyard 1

Rank Field Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 42
Birthdate 19730702
Blood Type O+
Nationality American / Russian
Place of Orgin Wichita Falls, Texas - USA

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 197 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Tattoo: Grim Reaper - Left Arm
Tattoo: Dragon - Upper Back, Right Arm
Tattoo: Soldiers Cross, Right Arm


Spouse Nicole Leanne Alder (Deceased)
Children Abigail Ella Alder (Deceased)
Father Kenneth R. Alder (Deceased)
Mother Jane Ella Alder (Deceased)
Other Family Adopted Father: Chris James Wilson (Deceased)
Adopted Mother: Trisha Juliet Wilson (Deceased)
Adopted Sister: Jennifer Marie Wilson
Family History Childhood:
Alder was born to Kenneth and Jennifer Alder on July Second, 1976. His father was a Marine, and his mother a “stay-at-home mom” living at Camp Pendleton. It quickly became apparent that Garrett was developing quickly, and by the age of 2, his mother was looking at pre-schools for him, as she was quickly realizing he needed more to occupy his mind than she could provide at home.

He entered Kindergarten at the age of 4. He did increasingly well, and continued to advance until 5th grade. He had signed up for Flag Football, and one day after school, his mother didn’t come to pick him up. He waited with a teacher at the pick-up spot, until eventually he was moved to the office. Repeated attempts at contact went unanswered. Garrett passed the time working on his homework, he was still too young to be worried about his mother, just confused.

Almost 2 hours later, a NIS (Naval Investigative Service) Agent entered the office to locate Garrett. In a hushed voice, he explained to the teacher who was still there that Garrett's mother had walked in on a convenience store robbery and was shot, she was currently in surgery in the Medical Center at Camp Pendleton. His father was being recalled from his assignment as part of the Multinational Force in Lebanon. Garrett was taken by the NIS agent to the Medical Center.

His father never made it.

While being extracted from the lines, his convoy was hit by what was believed to be a unit from the Palestine Liberation Organization. His father was badly injured by the initial attack, but managed to man the M240 mounted on his vehicle, and despite rapidly losing blood, provided enough covering fire for the rest of his unit to fall back. His unit, now safely in cover opened fire on the enemy, trying to provide a semi-safe path for Kenny to fall back through, but just as he started to dismount the weapon, his vehicle was hit by an RPG. He was posthumously awarded a Silver Star for his actions.

Garrett was turned custody of the state, and moved to San Diego Center for Children. Despite everything going on, or possibly because of everything going on Garrett had re-devoted himself to school, and soon was able to catch up to the rest of his class. By the end of the year, he had been placed in a foster home. However, he always felt like he wasn’t fitting in, and after only being there a few months, he managed to run away.

He had lived on the streets for 3 weeks before he was found, and returned to the Orphanage. He again returned to his studies, and again was soon caught up to his class, even going so far as to pass them. 2 months later, he decided to run away again, as he found himself unable to fully fit in at the orphanage. This time he’d escaped detection for almost 2 months, before he was once again placed in the orphanage.

This began a pattern of behavior that would continue until he turned 13.

Teen Years
During one of his outings, he was located by a family visiting the area. They became concerned when the spotted a child making off with food from a display in front of a shop, and no parents to be found. Chris and Trisha Wilson followed him until he finally stopped in a small cardboard shelter. They flagged down a passing Police Officer who thanked them, and managed to grab Garrett before he escaped again. He was returned to the Orphanage, but this time was quickly followed by the Wilson’s who were curious about his situation. Finding out about his history, and his ingenuity, it was readily apparent to them that he needed a much more constructive environment to grow up in and they knew just the place.

Both worked for the Cal Farley Boy’s Ranch, and knew that while there, he’d be able to not only continue his school, but be around children his own age, as well as keep himself busy with other duties. It took almost six months, but they finally managed to legally adopt Garrett, and move him with them to Amarillo, Texas. Garratt had finally found a home he felt like he belonged in, and adapted quickly to life on the ranch. His grades reflected his new happiness, and by the age of 16, he’d graduated high-school.

It didn’t take long to realized that he wouldn’t be able to remain at the ranch for much longer, as he was now getting to the point where he’d be too old. He knew he needed to find a job which would continue to provide him with the comradery he’d grown to love on the ranch, and was soon lured by a life of traveling, brotherhood, and excitement of the United States Marine Corps. His parents weren’t thrilled with the idea, but when the realized how excited he was to join, they couldn’t say no, and on his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the USMC.

Young Adult / USMC
During his time at his first duty station, he met and fell in love with a Civilian working at the Navy Exchange. He spent a lot of his free time visiting her there until after months of trying, she finally agreed to a date. Their relationship moved quickly after that and 4 months later, they were married. 6 weeks after the honeymoon Garrett was sent on his first post-marital tour. It had been hard on the relationship, but when he returned, the found the relationship to be stronger than ever.

He was home for 4 months, and it was long enough that 2 weeks before he deployed, they discovered that his wife, Nicole, was pregnant. His next tour was only 6 months long, and was home in plenty of time to see the birth of his daughter, whom they decided to name Abigale Ella. The next few years, it was almost like watching his daughter grow up in snapshots. He’d be home for a few months, then deployed again. It was very hard on the family, and despite signing up for one more tour, he promised his wife he wouldn’t re-enlist, and he’d get out of the service to concentrate more on family life.

With a renewed sense of hope, Nicole and Abigail sent him on his way, hopefully for the last time. While he was gone, Garrett’s parents and his wife and daughter decided to take a trip to the grand canyon (following a tradition of always seeing something new after he left, to hopefully take some of the sting out of it for Abigale). They chartered a tour of the canyon via a small two engine aircraft, and set off on their expedition.

About an hour into the flight, a near miss with a helicopter also giving a tour caused the pilot to bank hard to port. While attempting to pull out of the canyon, his port wing clipped the edge and most of the wing as well as an engine were torn off. The Aircraft slammed into the surface leaving no survivors.

Due to the nature of the tour company, it took a while for the investigation to track down the families of those on the plane, and even longer as Garrett was currently away from post on an assignment. It was almost 5 weeks later before he found out about what had happened. Needless to say he was devastated. It took him days to process it, but he refused to let the Corps send him home. He felt there was nothing left for him back in the states, and he needed to stay here. He lost himself in his duties. Eventually the tour was over, and wanting to live up to the last thing he promised his family… he didn’t re-enlist.

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Music
Texas Hold ‘em

Service History

Most Recent Military Service Spetsgruppa "A" / Russia
Grade/Rank OF-5 Colonel

Other Information

Educational Information * 1975-1977 – MCCSCP Courteau CDC – Pre-School
* 1977-1981 – MCCSCP Stuart Mesa Elementary – Kindergarten – 3rd Grade
* 1981-1983 – MCCSCP North Terrace Elementary – 4th – 5th grade
* 1983–1986 – San Diego Center for Children – 6th – 8th Grade (homeschooled)
* 1986–1990 – Cal Farley Boys Ranch – 9th – 12th grades

Degrees earned while Serving
* Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Forensic Science | Saint Leo University Online
* Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science | Ashford University (Online)
Specialties Long Range Weapons
Short-Mid Range Weapons
Close Quarters Combat
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Guerrilla Warfare
-Guerrilla Tactics
-Anti-Guerrilla Tactics
Terrorism Awareness
-Free Fall
-Jump Master
Amphibious Assault
-Combatant Diving
-Dive Supervisor
First Aid
Asset Protection/Extraction
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (Level C)
--Modern Standard Arabic
--Yemeni Arabic
--Gulf Arabic
--Gilit Mesopotamian
--Hijazi Arabic
--Western Syrian Arabic
--Lebanese Arabic
--Urban Palestinian
--Rural Palestinian
--Libyan Arabic
--Omani Arabic
--Northern Kurdish
--Russian Sign Language
--American Sign Language