I. Respect The Members of the Game
- A. Respect is a crucial part of the game. Members joined to have fun, just as you did, Respect them, just as they should and will respect you.
- B. Respect your Hosts. The host are there to make sure everything runs smoothly. They put a lot of their free time into the game, and do so out of nothing but the love of the game.

II. No Sexual Harassment.
- A. Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for immediate, and permanent removal from the game.

III. No Discrimination against the other Members of the Game.
- A. Discrimination against another Player based on Gender, Race or Religion will not be tolerated.
- B. Racism, against another Player, and Racism in general will not be tolerated.

IV. Attendance is Mandatory
- A. Attendance: Every member must post at least once a week. If a member has more than one character, they must post for both characters at least once a week. The Week runs from 12:00 Midnight Sunday Morning, through 12:00 Midnight Saturday Night, Pacific Time Zone.
- B. Attendance Warnings: For every missed week, the Character will receive 1 Warning. If the Character receives 3 warnings in the span of a year, the Member will be contacted by the Hosts, and placed on probation. If no contact can be made, or the Member continues to not post for the Character, the Character will be removed from the game. If this is the Members only Character, the Member will be removed as well.
- C. Leave of Absence: If a Member is going to be unable to post for a week, or longer, the Member must contact the Hosts in advance, and request a Leave of Absence (LOA). While on LOA, no warnings will be given.
- D. Situational Leave of Absence: If a Member is going to be unable to post consistently for longer than a week, but will still be able to post occasionally, the Member may request a Situational Leave of Absence, or SLOA. During an SLOA, the member is still able to post, but not required. During a SLOA, the Member must update the SLOA with the hosts at the beginning of every month. If the member doesn’t update the hosts the Members status will return to Active.
- E. Excusal: We understand that a prior request for a LOA is not always possible. In these cases, contact the Hosts as quickly as possible upon return, so that an excusal may be granted.

V. Treatment of Other Players In Character
- A. No Member is permitted to seriously injure, or kill another member's character without permission from that Member.
- B. No Member is permitted to use another Members character without that Members permission.
- C. No Member is permitted to use, seriously injure, or kill another member’s Personal Non-Player (PNP), without the permission of the owner of the PNP.
- D. Any Non-Player Character (NPC) is free for use by any member of the game, without prior permission from the member who created the NPC.

VI. God Modding
- A. God Modding will not be tolerated.

VII. Game Story Lines, Plots, and Missions.
- A. Every Mission has been carefully planned by the Hosts. While input is welcomed from every member. The Hosts and Hosts alone have the final say in what is acceptable.
- B. Sub-plots: Every member is permitted to start a sub-plot, as long as it doesn't interfere with the Mission the Hosts have set up. If a Member wishes to start a sub-plot and doesn't know for sure if it will disrupt the Primary Plot, contact the Hosts, and ask.
- C. The Hosts, and Hosts alone have the power to Nullify a post or statement. This will only be done if the Hosts deem it absolutely necessary. If a Member feels something should be Nullified, they must Contact the Hosts, and the Hosts will make the final decision.

VIII. Game Rating
- A. This game is Rated M, and as such, all Members must be 17 years of age, or older.
- B. Despite the games rating, all members are expected to act with a certain amount of maturity.
- C. Despite to the game rating, certain actions are unacceptable. This includes actions taken between two Members, or a Member and a NPC, who are in a Romantic Relationship, as well as some Foul Language.

IX. Recruiting
- A. Members are allowed to recruit other Members. But only within Reason. Do not recruit in Public Gaming Rooms, Mass Mailings, Hosted Chats, Discussions, and other areas where it would be considered unacceptable, or Spam.
- B. Remember, when you are discussing this game in other areas, you are representing the game, the way to act is how others will view our game.

X. Contact
- A. Every member must have a current, and active email address.
- B. If contacted by a host, Members are expected to respond in a timely manner.
- C. Members are required to keep them selves up to date with new Policies, Rules, and Regulations. All New, or changes to Policies, Rules, and Regulations will be announced, and made available to Members.

XI. Resignation
- A. Every Member who wishes to resign must do so in a professional and polite manner.
- B. We understand that things happen that cause people to need to resign. If it is a problem with another member, please contact the Hosts first, so that we can try to work the situation out.
- C. When a member resigns, they must contact the Hosts, and inform them of the Members decision to resign.

XII. Failure to Follow Rules
- A. Failure to follow any of the rules laid down in this document will be met with swift action by the Hosts.
- B. If you have any questions about these rules, contact the Hosts, and we will answer your them as soon as we are able.

XIII. Have Fun
- A. All games have Rules, but all games are also intended to be fun.
- B. These rules are in Player to ensure every Member is treated Fairly.

By joining this game, all Members are agreeing to follow these Rules. If you are unwilling to abide by these Rules. The Games Hosts will be forced to remove you from the game.